Friday, July 29, 2016

THE VET JUST LEFT..............!!!

Quilla was still rather icky this morning.  John left him in last night and he hadn't drank any water, pooed or we go again.  He didn't seem overly uncomfortable, but obviously he wasn't feeling very good.  

I called and made an appointment at Adobe Vet in Tucson for tomorrow, but as the day wore on, he seemed to be getting worse.  I checked his gums and they weren't a nice pink, more of a grey pink and he had a temp of 102*, normal being around 100*.  Told John and he said call Jackpot and see if one of the vets could come out.  Dr. Lindsey answered the call and said she was on her way.    Thank goodness, I did remember to call Adobe and cancel the appointment for tomorrow. 

She got here right after a gully washer of a rainstorm, I was afraid it was going to be so rainy, she wouldn't be able to work with him, but it didn't rain again, until after she left...!!!   His temperature was up to 102.2 and she didn't like the color of his gums either.  She ran the lactate test, Dr. Karla ran on Daisy that showed probable dead tissue and his numbers were very low..........good sign.  Then she tubed him and didn't find any nasty smells or anything icky backing up in the tube..........another good sign.  

She gave him some bute to bring down his temp, drew blood to test to see if any of the numbers are out of whack, and off she went.  I checked his temp when we were feeding, during a rainstorm, I might add and it was down to 99.5*.  He's drank some water and is roaming around in the pen wondering what happened to his supper........really good signs.  Unfortunately no supper for him, until at least morning.  She's suppose to call tonight after she tests the blood.  Hopefully everything will be good and he'll be ready for breakfast in the morning and life will go on, with no more surprises. 


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