Saturday, July 16, 2016


Thank goodness none of our guys have this much hair.  BlackJack has more hair than anyone else because of having some Poitou ancestors, like this mom and baby.  Right now it is so hot and humid I'm sure they all wish they didn't have any hair at all.  

Tyler was here this morning to do Penny and Gigi.  They both have to be trimmed regularly and Gigi has to have her shoe reset or replaced.  Today was a replacement day, it usually lasts about 2 extra settings but eventually starts wearing too much on one side, which defeats the whole purpose of her wearing a shoe.  

Neither of them is very cooperative ever, but this morning Miss Penny had a bee in her bonnet for some reason, maybe she's tired of hot weather.  Tried to kick John when he brought her into her pen even before Tyler got here.  We use to try to help, but Tyler and CJ his apprentice do much better without us getting in the way, so these days we just stand back and watch the show.  

Tyler is very good at controlling the situation and Penny was trimmed before she knew what was happening.  You would think with the passage of time she would get into the routine of Tyler coming out and trimming and then it's over.  BUT, she doesn't seem to be anymore interested in cooperating than she was 4 years ago, when she came here.  

This is going to be our "cheap" transportation for awhile.  We bought this last winter to make into a race car.  It had been totaled by the insurance company because the back door and upright post had been mangled, when neighbors backed into it.  It was advertised on Craigslist, so we drove up to Phoenix and bought it.  

A couple of days later a racing friend saw a road racing Dodge Neon on Craigslist up in Phoenix, so we went up and got it.  That's what I'm racing this year.  

John was impressed with this little Kia Spectra5, everything on it works looks good inside and out, so he wasn't in any hurry to tear it up to make a race car since we didn't need another one right now.  

Fast forward a few months and John has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and needs to go into Tucson every day 5 days a week for 5 weeks to get radiation.  The van and the pick-up are NOT gas savers for this 70 mile one way daily trip.  They are comfortable and everything works, but we are thrilled to get 12mpg on either of them.  

The door wasn't weatherproof and was really noisy because it didn't shut properly.  Local junk yards didn't have a door, but they will get on the internet and did find one up in Phoenix, that could be delivered to Tucson.  So that's what he did.  

First I want to say, we have only seen one other Spectra5 that wasn't white.  There is a blue one in Benson we see occasionally.  We assumed that the door would be white..................!!!! As you can see it's actually a really pretty bronze color.  SIGH!   

John got out the port-a-power and a big hammer and got it to fit.  It even opens and closes, but rather than put pressure on the damaged center post we will just use one of the other 4 doors to load or get in and out.  John is going to be "rattle-can" paint it when he gets a chance.  That's a slang term for painting it with a spray can.  

We've already noticed a problem.  You better remember where you parked it in a parking lot, because it isn't big enough to find easily.  And being white makes it even worse, in the desert 90% of the vehicles are white.  But it is a lot easier to park than the big guys we are use to.  So I guess it's a trade off, for 25mpg........!!!  The 1st time John put gas in it, it was 4.5 gallons.   The only thing we put that piddly amount in, is a jerri-can, when we're going to the races.........!!!  

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