Friday, July 22, 2016



One of the neighbors........ we have a pair of ravens that have been here for years.  Actually years ago one of them got electrocuted, so we aren't really sure if this is one of the same pair or possibly one of their offspring.  We call them Heckel and Jeckel, have no clue who is who, but they hang around the pens and dump food in the water buckets.  

One year they had a baby and we didn't think they'd ever get him weaned.  He was as big as they were and still squawking and flapping his wings wanting to be fed.  Who knows maybe this is him all grown up with a lady friend.  I say he, because surely a female wouldn't be that clingy............LOL

It is HOT, HOT, HOT, my thermometer on the back porch says 110.1* and if you go outside it feels like it.  Earlier I needed to put out my gallon jug for sun tea and didn't see any need to put on shoes just to go on the courtyard, set the jug down and come back in.  I will put shoes on to go out fetch it........  I think another 5-10 seconds and my feet would have been blistered, it was that hot.  I hope people don't try to take their dogs out on walks when it's this hot.  There was a picture on the internet the other day of a dog's feet after he had been walking on hot pavement.  The pads were horrible........!!

The donkeys are just hanging out waiting for it to cool off.  Unfortunately the mesquite beans are getting ripe, so they have something to do while waiting around in the shade.  Unfortunately some of my "fatties" are already starting to show the results of eating mesquite beans.  The worst ones may end up in the pens 24/7 until the beans are gone, if they aren't careful.  Buddy Brat and Rosie will probably be the 1st ones.  Poor Buddy has spent a lot of time in solitary over the years.  I try to stay inside when he is in the pens.  Every time the door opens he starts screaming pitifully and I hate to hear him, poor little guy.  

I'm suppose to race tomorrow night.  It's suppose to be as hot tomorrow as it is today.  And the "powers that be" in their infinite wisdom have decided we need to run 2 main events instead of just one.   So instead of running an 8 lap heat race and 20 lap main, we will be qualifying which is a couple of laps, and then run two 20 lap main events.  Thank goodness they won't be back to back, so I'll have time to go back to the pits and drink lots of fluid.  I was complaining to one of my friends I race with and said I hoped no one had a heat stroke, especially me.  He facebooked me back and said if I start to pass out to head for the infield and if he sees me driving erratically he'll nudge me into the infield.........YIKES...I guess that's what friend's are for..........!!!   LOL


ellie k said...

My son lives in Dubai where the temps are 118 to120 when it is below 80 he does not have to work as it is too cool for his men to come in. The swimming pools do not need to be heated but have a cooling system that the water runs through constantly to keep the water cool enough to be in. Here in Florida it is around 96-97, tonight we had a bad storm with lots of rain which we needed. Lightening is bad here, I think four people have been struck with it so far. We are the lightening capital of the states. About 16 cows were eating around a bale of hay in a metal rack and they were all killed, just looked like they laid down side by side in the picture. Good luck with the race, be safe.

Tish said...

When we lived in Saudi, we went over to the east side to Riyadh to visit some friends one time. It was during Ramadan so the shops were open from sundown to sunup. We waited to go out until about midnight and it was still over 100 degrees and so humid you couldn’t hardly breathe. Where we lived we were about 100 miles from Yemen up in the mountains, so our weather was pretty nice year round, but down on the desert floor it was really hot and if you were close to the ocean, very humid. I use to get off the plane in Jeddah and my abaya would hit that humidity and wrap around my legs so I couldn’t hardly walk.........LOL