Saturday, August 02, 2014


Well, it isn't racing for me, but our son, Rod is racing at Tucson Speedway, the asphalt track in his modified, so Mom will be in the grandstands, rooting for him.  John will go into the pits to help Rod, and be his spotter during the main event.  People keep asking if I'm going to go over to the asphalt track to race.............NO NEVER.....!!!   As boring as it is to watch, it couldn't be much more fun to drive, at least from my point of view.  A good friend of ours that has raced almost as long as we have has raced both dirt and asphalt, won championships in both and his opinion of asphalt is just about the same as mine........LOL  John has told me he wouldn't let me race asphalt anyway.  It's not as forgiving as dirt if you lose control and go somewhere you don't want to go, like head on into the wall.  I think always in the back of John's mind is........if she gets hurt, who will help with the animals......well you have to admit it's certainly a thought with merit......!!! 

Last night when John went out to let everyone out, Pepper was down in his shelter on his right side.  Turned on the lights, got our ropes and headed out.  This time he was laying in such a way we couldn't roll him over, his legs would have been up the side of the shelter wall.  So we had to turn him at least 90% to get his legs to a position where he would be able to get them under him.  He weighs close to 500 pounds and it was really a wrestling match, that we weren't sure we were going to win.  For once he didn't try to help very much.  John tried pushing, and that didn't work.  Couldn't use the ropes on his legs to drag him, afraid to do more damage to his fragile legs.  Getting a rope under him to pull on him from behind his front legs was almost impossible.  We finally got it figured out enough to get him moved enough that he could sit up on his sternum and after a few minutes he struggled to his feet.  Acted a little disorientated, and spooked at me being in there with him, like he didn't recognize me.  We don't really know how well he sees, so maybe that had something to do with it.  As soon as he got rested up, out he went and immediately started eating beans that had fallen in the little rain storm we had.  Didn't get much rain, but obviously enough wind to keep the bean eaters happy.  John is going to remove the shelter wall today, hopefully. 

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