Tuesday, August 12, 2014


John was suppose to take our neighbor to town this afternoon, she doesn't have a car.  I needed to go take care of some paperwork, and get a blood test, so we decided we would both go to town......just in different vehicles.

So off he went in the van and I took off in the pick-up.  We decided to meet for lunch after he let Donna off at Wal-Mart.  By the time I got to the restaurant, the pick-up was squealing like a pig under a fence.....!!!  I asked him if I needed some belt dressing, but when he looked under the hood, I really needed a serpentine belt tensioner.  No, I don't know what it is either, but if it freezes up, it complains very loudly.  Our "go to" mechanic is right across the road from the restaurant.  John limped the truck over there and the parking lot was so full, he couldn't find a place to park.  Not a good sign, but they said they'd try to squeeze it in.  So off we went, I dropped John off at Wally-world to do the shopping I was suppose to do, while I took the van to do my errands.  Got back to Wal-mart and they both were shopped out and ready to go.  Went back to the mechanic and the truck was ready, won't tell you what emergency work costs, let's just say it rates right up there with emergency vet care.....!!!  

It had rained in Benson, and our main road home and the washes had ran and were still running in some cases.  Got home and it had barely wet the ground.  When time to do chores the rain that hadn't got here yet hit with a vengeance.  Right before we went out to get wet, a friend called and asked if John could come into Tucson to pick up her car that had decided to quit.  He said he would, but after the gulley washer, our wash ran bank to bank. 

John managed to get all the donkeys in except for Tula, and Boaz, had no idea where they were.  Of course when it's raining in sheets, the donkeys aren't the least bit interested in eating, and we weren't very interested in serving them anyway.  Just as it was about to quit, Boaz came waltzing by the feed room.  I went out to put him in his pen, and found out he could care less.  In fact when John and I both started herding him, after I chased him around for about 15 minutes, he decided we weren't going to leave him alone.  The last we saw of him, he found an spot where he could cross the wash without getting his knees wet, and was headed for Burroland.  Never did see Tula, so we assume she is over there someplace.  

When we got the call about the car, John looked at me and said, "don't you dare say it".  "What?", I asked......!!!   Usually when a day goes like this, one of us will say, "well, we aren't bored", guess he didn't want to hear that......!!!  LOL

This morning was the first morning we had done much with Penny since her dental appointment and Tyler came out yesterday. He actually came to reset Gigi's shoe.  But she has a big chunk missing from the front of that foot and he is afraid we might not get the nails to hold.  He said to call him if the shoe comes loose, and we'll have to figure out what to do.  I didn't want him to have a wasted trip, so asked him to trim Penny.  Her front feet wear pretty good, but her rear feet are real underslung probably because of her hunchback.  She was not a cooperative victim, let's say.  Even with a scotch hobble, she let us know she was not happy. 


This morning I needed to rewrap her front legs, the polo wraps had come loose.  I found out she holds a grudge, she whizzed a rear foot past my ear twice. One thing about donkeys if they want to kick you they will, so I think she was just letting me know her displeasure. 

Tonight, just about the time we got the hay delivered to the pens, it quit raining.  But the wash is now higher than it was earlier, because of the run off.  A lot of time, the wash will run and we won't get a drop of rain, but southeast of us got plenty.  

We have no idea when the wash will go down enough for John to get out with the trailer.  So it's probably going to be a long night. 

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