Sunday, August 17, 2014


John's in to tell me they are done eating and it's time to doctor.  I'm pretty sure I've posted one of these pictures, but can't remember which, so I'll just throw both of them in and go doctor......LOL

I've been doing pretty good with habronema since I got Boaz's mouth healed.  So yesterday I noticed a bunch of flies on Pepper's fly mask where his eye is.  Took off the mask and the eye was swelled shut, with rub marks at the corner.  Looked suspiciously like a habromena infestation.  

We leave the fly masks on 24/7, well at least we try to leave them on.  Some of the boys insist on using someone else's as a toy on a regular basis, which keeps John busy looking for masks.  Anyway every few days we take them off and clean the crunchies from their eyes.  Unfortunately fly masks are not a guarantee.  No one bothers Pepper's mask, so some enterprising fly obviously went up under it, since the last time we checked his eyes.  I put Ivermectin wormer on it, (as per vet won't hurt eyes) and this morning the little critter was dead and ready to be removed.  At least the one I could see, there may be others, so I slathered more wormer on.  As soon as it looks like they are gone, I'll add triple antibiotics to help it heal. 

The beans are still falling and the donkeys are on a mission to make sure they don't go to waste.  Rosie usually has a limp and it's been worse lately.  Don't know if it has anything to do with the beans or not, but her being overweight makes it an easy call to keep her in the pens.  Started a couple of days ago, after the others are thru eating, letting her have all the pens.  Of course she and Gigi are bonded like glue, so Gigi is staying in with her.  

As of this morning Coquette and her bonded friend Penny are also staying in the pens.  Coquette has a lot of skin issues, on her legs, neck, withers.  Of course she isn't the only one, but she's one of the worst.  Yesterday she got a bath in medicated shampoo and if you want to see how lumpy your donkey is, wet them down.  She was actually losing weight, but the bean season has put that on hiatus  for awhile.  Her crest isn't big and hard, so she probably isn't insulin resistant, but she sure is lumpy.  Penny could probably eat all the beans she wants and not gain weight, but unfortunately Coquette freaks out if she loses sight of Penny, sooooooo.....!!!!  

This afternoon we are delivering Ruthie, Wister, and Ruger to the annual, "donkeys clean up 5 acres of weeds" for a friend.  Karla called this week to see if we had any available.  I asked her what her bean crop looked like, and she said her trees don't have very many beans, hope she's right.  We'll find out this afternoon.  With them gone, it will give John a good opportunity to rework the fence between their pen and the dog's pen.  It's chain link right now and has been abused over the years to the point that it's pretty saggy.  Hopefully that project won't just get added to the "honey do" list, and the donkeys clean the 5 acres before John fixes the fence..........LOL

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