Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Lately Penny had not been eating well.  She mostly eats mush, but does like to chew her hay.  She wasn't eating either very well.  

Dr. Debra Tibbets, no longer lives in the area, but comes to Cochise County on a regular basis and we made an appointment.  Dr. Debra has a rolling dental stock, which is really neat, they have a place to lay their head, unfortunately Miss Penny is too short to be able to use the pillow, so we had to use John instead.  He sat on a trunk, holding Penny's head and Dr. Debra sat on the ground.  Veterinary medicine is a real glamor job you know......!!! LOL

Looks like she has had a broken jaw, which isn't a real big surprise.  She has been a roping donkey and from the way she behaves, they roped her front legs.  Rope the front legs and I'm sure she had a few head first crashes at speed.........!!!   I'm sure they had a vet come out and treat her........NOT.....!!!  She was just an expendable roping donkey.........!!!

Her teeth are wearing funny and she had one that was loose.  Well we thought it was loose until Dr. Debra started trying to get it out.  It was very loose on one side that exposed a lot of the root. on the cheek side, not so much.  Because of her mouth shape, it was almost impossible to get the extractor where it needed to be to clamp on good enough not to slip off.  

In the picture with the pen, the angled top part, should be level across.  That's how a lot of her teeth are wearing.  The bottom picture shows how the root was almost gone on one side.  One side of the root had been exposed a long time.  

The worse angles were on one side of her mouth and were starting to cause a hole in the side of her cheek.  This loose tooth was on the other side, so she was basically out of a comfortable way of chewing.

Of course tonight her mouth is probably very sore.  She was a very good girl, considering how distrustful she is.  Of course it took 3 times as much drugs to even get her almost out on her feet.  Her ears were still listening and her eyes were still alert, although she couldn't hardly stand up.  

We took Coquette along as a buddy.  Actually it was more for Coquette than Penny, Coquette gets frantic if Penny is out of her sight.  We were afraid Coquette would freak out, without Penny being here and spend the whole time frantically running around looking for her.  She's done that more than once, when for some reason they got separated.  

It will be a bute night for Penny................!!!!


Chelra said...

Sounds very painful! I hope she is a fast healer!

Tish said...

She didn't eat last night, so she didn't get any bute. She ate a little mush with bute, but not a full dose. I gave her some watermelon this morning and she turned her nose up at it. I told her there were donkeys out there that would kill for watermelon but she wasn't impressed. I doubt that there have been a lot of treats in her life and she is very suspicious.

Tish said...

I guess I forgot the she ate a little mush "this morning" part.....LOL