Monday, August 25, 2014


At evening feeding time yesterday Pepper, the old codger, choked.  Not that unusual for him, the mush was probably a little bit dry.  I noticed his respiration was high, and he was kicking with a hind leg, which is unusual for him.  

I tried my usual choke fixes and it seemed to clear, but he was still breathing fast and acting uncomfortable.  Finally he laid down for awhile and wiggled and squirmed while down there.   I gave him some banamine and Equine Colic Relief USA, which I've used more than once and really seems to help with gas colic.  Mesquite beans certainly could cause gas colic and I was hoping that was what he had.   He did feel a little warm, so I took his temperature.  When I "inserted" the thermometer I got a very loud, long equine "blessing", so I assume the colic stuff had done it's job........  I ordered 3 more bottles this morning to have on hand.  Can't say I'm too thrilled with a blessing of mesquite bean aroma at that close a range though............LOL

Before we got done with chores, Pepper was up and picking at his mush.  When John went out to let them out at bedtime, he was banging on the gate to get out.  So out he went, our theory is, we'd either find him in the pen, which he hates, or find him on the 10 acres.  

When John got up this morning he went to find Pepper, found him under a tree, ears up and eating for all he was worth..........!!!!   Bit the bullet again, old buzzard.......!!! 

Courtney was suppose to come yesterday afternoon to trim and Pepper is one that has to be trimmed on a regular basis.  He isn't easy to do anyway, because of his legs, it's very difficult for him to stand on 3 legs, Courtney usually ends up almost holding him up on her back.  She got hung up and is coming this afternoon instead, so hopefully he'll be able to stand for her.  I watched him walking this morning, when John had to go with a halter to get him out of the trees.  He reminds me of a puppet with strings, being worked by someone that doesn't know what they are doing, the legs go every which way.  But it doesn't stop him from going out to see what's out there.......!!!  

I raced Saturday night, won my heat race and was ready for a good night.  About half way thru the main event, when I was running 2nd to the guy that is in 1st for end of the year points, the car started acting up.  It would run good in the straight away, and almost die in the corners.  Needless to say I didn't stay in 2nd very long, talk about frustrating........!!!!  These times are one reason why I don't run a Go-pro camera in my car, they have audio.........!!!  LOL  Managed to squeek out a 6th place finish, they moved me up to 5th because the guy in 5th didn't go to tech after the race.  But he like most of the "grown" men running in the Hornet class whine and squalled and they put him back in his position.  After the races I went to talk to the race director, who actually is a good friend and he agreed he shouldn't have been put back, and said he would change it..........  starting to need a score card to keep track...........I told him no, just leave it like that, BUT, this makes a total of 15 points I've lost in 3 different calls by officials this year.  Getting into 1st place by the end of the year is getting farther and farther away, I'm afraid.  For one thing the guy in 1st, NEVER has a bad night, he doesn't always win, but he's almost always in the top 3, unlike me, I have highs and lows, it's seems.........!!!

Talked to 2 guys that know foreign cars and they both said fuel pick-up, either the fuel pump or a lack of gas for some reason.  The main reason for a lack of gas if the fuel pump is OK, is not enough gas in the fuel tank.....!  We don't like to have too much gas in the cars because of the weight, but we do like to have enough to finish a race.  John has been putting in a couple of gallons at a time, but can't remember for sure when the last time was..........!!!  Needless to say he is really hoping the fuel pump went bad.........!!! LOL

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