Saturday, August 30, 2014



We're going racing tonight, and to speed up round-up we have decided to leave them in for the day rather than fight the fight.  Needless to say we are NOT going to be very popular.

Last night when John went to let them out at bedtime, he came in and said Pepper was down in his pen and unresponsive, although he was breathing.  By the time I got my shoes on, rounded up a flashlight and got out there, he was standing up, rather shaky on his front legs.  I'm afraid his body is going to give out before his brain, his legs are so wore out.  Usually 3 of the fatties get the run of 7 pens, so we moved him to one of the end pens, once he would move, so they could have the other 6.  I think he was probably in REM sleep, because except for shaky legs, he was his usual obnoxious self. 

John checked on him this morning and he was standing by the gate, swinging his head around, which means he isn't happy, all that green stuff and beans out there and we've ruined his schedule...!!! LOL  He was walking a little better too.  He might be putting too much mileage on those legs, searching for the best goodies.  Last night I had to go all the way to the north fence of Burroland with a halter to get him.  It took us forever to walk across 20 acres.  For one thing you must go on the trails he prefers, or you "ain't" going.  Since we don't know which trails are preferred, it's rather hit and miss.  If you try to go on the wrong trail, you end up with 4 hooves dug in, until you make the right decision.  Sometimes you can throw the lead across his back and he will show you, but he was pretty slow last night and not willing to move without encouragement, ie animal crackers.

The track hasn't decided if we will race tomorrow or not, they are having a 2 day event and added us tonight just a few days ago.  I would imagine they will take a vote at the driver's meeting about tomorrow.  My vote would be no........these 2 day events just about kill both of us and it really messes up the donkeys schedule.  Of course they would prefer there was no schedule or pen time at all........ just greens and beans..........LOL   It hasn't rained for a couple of days and the weatherman isn't predicting rain until a 10% chance late next week.  By that time the greens should be shriveling up and not be quite as tasty.  John noticed a couple of days ago, they are ignoring the beans that have been on the ground for awhile and are turning brown/black, which would be really good, if they won't eat them.   

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