Monday, August 18, 2014



Almost every night at feeding time the rains have been rolling in, which makes for grumpy donkeys and grumpy people.  

Last night it was almost dark by the time John managed to get "almost" everyone rounded up.  Boaz decided he didn't want to, so we ignored him until everyone else had been fed.  By that time it was flashlight dark and he is dark brown.  I was hot on his trail, until he took a turn and I never saw him again.  I covered most of the 10 acres, never saw hide nor hair of him.  Did find 3 skunks roaming around too.  They didn't seem overly upset, although the tails were high in the air as they toddled off. 

So far this afternoon it's sunny, but these thunderstorms don't take long to build up and rain enough to make the wash run.  

Dr. Debra asked if I could send her a couple of pictures of Penny and write a little bit about her story.  I sent it back to her last week I think it was and I got her latest e-mail newsletter  today.  Maybe her story will make some donkey owners aware that they need just as much care as horses do. 

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