Sunday, August 03, 2014

WASH RAN, BIG TIME.........!!!

Philmont Ranch, Cimmaron, New Mexico

Bank to bank............  We had a "real" monsoon rain yesterday afternoon.  Our back wall around the yard is about 30 feet or so from the house.  At the worst of the rain, we couldn't see the wall, it looked like some of the rain storms in the tropics I think it's called sheet rain. 

The wash ran for about 1 1/2 hours, which was getting us worried.  We had to feed later than we had planned because of the rain and then the wash running just added to the problem of us meeting friends to drive to the track with.  Our wash crosses the main road 7 times between here and civilization.  If our wash is running it is also running across the main road with the accompanying rocks, sticks, downed trees, and assorted car and house trash people have thrown into "their" wash.  We called our friends and told them if we had to take the bronco to get out rather than the van, they would have to drive.  The bronco on the highway is not fast enough to keep up with traffic.  We got a late start, the road wasn't too bad, although John had to pick his way thru the debris left behind.

Got to the track and it was sprinkling and they were trying to dry the track.  Finally got it dry got some of the race cars out to hot lap, and it started sprinkling again.  One thing about asphalt, if it's raining, they DON"T race, too slick and they wreck.  Dirt, not so much you can race as long as the spectators are crazy enough to sit in the bleachers.....!!! LOL

When we got there they had a lot of the race cars lined up behind the bleachers so the fans could "meet and greet" the driver's and see the cars up close.  Rod had his out there, so we hung around with him for awhile.  Saw a lot of spectators from the dirt track, saw drivers that had left the dirt track and are now driving asphalt and saw a lot of fans from the dirt track.  It always amazing to me that people recognize me, our track doesn't do meet and greet, so unless you actually know the drivers, anybody could be in that car and you wouldn't know them.  Not too long ago I was in the bathroom on the spectator side and a woman came up and wanted to hug me. 

We knew before we left that John was going to have to fix fences when we got home.  When the wash runs it usually damages the fence where it comes on the property and where it goes off the 10 acres into Burroland.  The donkeys don't look for places to get out, but would certainly take advantage of the fence being down.  Didn't have a chance to check the fence where the wash goes out of Burroland, so the donkeys were on just the 10 acres till this morning.  

When we came home I held the flashlight while John untangled tree stumps and huge limbs from the barbed wire.  I was standing about 4 feet from the fence on one side, he was on the other side working on a big stump.  all of a sudden the wire came loose from the stump and "pinged" towards me complete with T-post.  Caught me in the ribs, not hard enough to knock me down, but enough to remind me of why we never try to work together.  LOL


DesertHoofprints said...

Which track? The one off Houghton? As spectators?

Tish said...

Yes Rod now has a modified to run on the asphalt track off Houghton. He ran it once so far, finished 4th, well actually he went off on the hook after a big melee on the front straight away.

They are running again the 16th, I've got a free ticket, want to come?