Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Yesterday on the way to Tucson, we met Michele and picked up a sackful of fly masks she had gotten fixed.  

She decided to try adding fringe to see if that would keep the flies away.  This morning I tried a couple of them on Boaz and Rusty. 

Rusty showing off his mask

You can see the amount of "fixin" she did on Boaz's mask.

We'll see how it goes, I picked 2 habronema out of the side of Boaz's mouth yesterday.  The masks worked pretty good, IF (big if) they stay on.  They don't do much good laying somewhere out on the property.  I don't know exactly who loves to take Boaz's mask off, I've never seen the two kids, Wister and Ruger rough housing with him, BlackJack is the only one that we've seen playing with Boaz.  A couple of his masks have been found hanging on the fence, where he tried to reach thru to the other side. 

Right now we have plenty of flies, it's hot and humid, which seems to really bring them out.  We're using a quart of fly spray every morning.   I just ordered a recommended fly trap, that sits on the ground and is suppose to even catch stable flies.  On the Donkey Yahoo Group, one of the people really talked it up, so we'll see. 


ellie k said...

Those are some fancy masks, hope they work as well as they look like they would.

Chelra said...

I hope they work! Those fly are no fun especially on the face.

Tish said...

I'm sure they will work just fine. Really appreciate Michele reworking them, some of them like the one I put on Boaz, should have been thrown away, they were so tore up.

Chelra said...

Fashionable and unique!