Friday, July 11, 2014


No big surprises as yet, everything seems to be going smoothly.  I've got my plane, my car and my first night motel.  For years I've stayed in the same motel between Grandview and Belton.  Everytime I stayed it was a little less welcoming.  The last time, they were working on about half of it and the room I had looked like it should be next on the list.  

That was almost 4 years ago, so I am assuming the renovations are completed and it should be in pretty good shape.  I only made reservation for one night, just in case. 

I think I've got everything planned, so I can visit with all the family.  One whole family of cousins is coming to the visitation e'mass.  That will be great, some of them I haven't seen since we were kids.

Wednesday night, Rod our son, and JR our grandson came out to see Mother one last time before she flew Thursday morning.  I ordered a cedar casket, my stepfather's casket was maple and my Daddy's was knotty pine.  Knotty pine was available, but the cedar caught my eye.  When we got there, the funeral directer started talking about how beautiful it was..........and he was right.........!!  In fact he had shown me the metal casket that he has chosen for himself, but said he thinks he will change his mind.  

John has been following me around when I'm doctoring, so he can learn the drill.  He will do fine, even though he doesn't like to doctor.  

We have been waiting for Penny to decide we aren't going to eat her, when we want to work with her.  She is very distrustful of ropes and halters and we were hoping that over time she'd decide we were OK.  She's better with John than with me, he is around her more.  She has all 4 legs wrapped in polo wraps for fly control.  They stay on pretty good, but every few days, at least one of them will come loose and have to be rewrapped.  The last few times we've wrapped them, I've had John try to put the halter on her without being in the squeeze.  This morning he finally got it on her before she took off.  She isn't really scared of us, and she knows what cookies are and also knows they are always available for good behavior.  And I'm also pretty sure she knows what we want to do..........BUT........she really doesn't want to give up her independence.  So hopefully this morning will be a break thru.......we'll see.........!!!  

When we get thru messing with her, Gigi will be our next victim, her behavior is almost exactly the same.  We can rub her all over, down in her ears, just about long as we are outside the pen, and she is inside the pen.  John can actually pet her a little, sometimes when he is in the pen with her, but not always and not for long.  

When I get back from Missouri, we were going to take Frijolita and Daisy to a foster home.  Jodie rents a house with horse property that Mother owned in Tucson, actually next door to our son, on 1 1/4 acres.  She wanted to adopt 2 donkeys, but I didn't have any that I thought would work.  So we decided she could foster, which would cut down on our numbers and she could see if she really wanted to have donkeys.  

Yesterday I got an e-mail about 2 donkeys that needed to be rehomed from a non profit that works with at risk children.  They had horses, goats, donkeys, I don't know what all and are getting rid of the animals, because of a loss of donations.  I called Jody, she went out to see them, and decided to take them.  Didn't help us being over our self imposed limit, but, 2 more donkeys will get a good home.  Jody has kids and does foster care, so these donkeys are already "broke in" for working with kids.  John didn't want Daisy and Frijolita to go anywhere anyway.  Do you know how hard it is to run a rescue, when John wants to run it as a sanctuary only? 

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