Sunday, July 27, 2014

POOR JOHN.......!!!!

 I'm sure there is something timely about donkeys that could be added to this saying.  Any ideas?
* * * * *
When we came in from the races last night, John went out to let everyone out, while I went in on the Internet to see how good or bad the races had been.  

John came in and said I had to help him with Pepper, he was down, barely breathing and limp in his shelter.   This of course is always in the back of our minds with him, when we go out.  

So out we went, stopped by the feed room to turn on the outside lights, so we could see.  Got down to Pepper's pen and there he stood, ears up, looking rather anxious, probably because John had woke him up from his REM sleep and disappeared before letting him out.   He certainly wouldn't want to stay in his pen the rest of the night, considering he'd already been in there hours longer than usual.  

I didn't know if John was going to hug him or strangle him, it was a close call.....!!!! LOL  I made over him and he almost wouldn't take an animal cracker he was so anxious to see that darn gate open.  

John swears there was no movement, very little light shallow breathing and he said he picked up one leg and it was limp.  It didn't take the old buzzard but a couple of minutes, to get on his feet and behave normally, at least what passes for normal for him.  Good thing our hair is already grey I guess.....!!!

The races went pretty good, I finished 2nd in the main event and could put the car on the trailer in one piece........LOL  There is a little body work that John will need to do before we race again the 23rd of August.  The new struts/shock absorbers really helped with the handling.   We do have a problem, one of the new cars is really competitive, which is great.  The driver is confused on Hornet racing though, seems to think it's a demolition derby, which isn't so great.   He tried to slam me off the track, more than once, but one of the first things you need to know when racing is, how to get away from someone that is banging or leaning on you.  I got away from him and I guess he took after the other "mature" woman driver out there and wrecked her.  The flagman sent him to the pits for that one.  After he tried to rough me up, it took me a few seconds to get headed the right direction, but once I did, I was trying to catch him for payback.  John and our son were sitting with other racers in the pit bleachers, and John said the consensus was if I caught him, it wasn't going to be pretty..........!!!  .  But he roughed Becky up before I caught him, or I'd probably have gotten black flagged for rough driving.  Guess I should have thanked him for saving me from myself.............NOT....!!!   LOL


Chelra said...

Sounds like a rough night in more ways than one!

Tish said...

Guess that's why we're never bored.....!!!! LOL