Saturday, July 26, 2014

RACE TIME.........!!

Suppose to race tonight, if the weather cooperates.  Right now it's nice and sunny but the weatherman says 30%  chance of thunderstorms this afternoon.  Of course he usually isn't right, so hopefully his record will hold tonight. 

John had to change the shock absorbers again.  I think Kias were designed to drive the kids to school and go to the grocery store.  They don't stand up well to the pressure of racing on dirt.  There certainly isn't any aftermarket or racing parts made for Kias either.  I'm in 2nd place for end of the year points 35 points behind the 1st place car and 20 points ahead of the 3rd place car.  Of course it's a long time to November, there could be a lot of changes between now and then.  

We had some teenagers come out this morning to do some grooming.  We really appreciate it when someone comes out to groom and most of the donkeys really enjoy it.  John put Gigi in the squeeze, otherwise she wasn't going to cooperate.  Even at that she had a fast right rear foot.  So she got smacked, yelled at and more grooming.  I'm not sure she ever really gave up, but she finally did settle down and just threaten a little bit, rather than a full blown, "I'm going to kick you" mode.  

I think I'm going to change from polo wraps on the legs for fly protection, to men's crew socks for awhile.  One problem with the polo wraps is they shovel up dirt, when the donkeys dust bathe.  The socks fit looser, so if they gather up dirt while rolling, when the donkeys stand up the dirt just falls off.  I had always used men's socks that had been "retired", which means the elastic tops had lost most of their elasticity.  Kathy from Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Colorado sent me some brand new crew socks and they stay up really good.  

Boaz has lost his last remaining crusader fly mask.  John went out this morning looking for it, but it's still out there somewhere.  I'd really like to protect the edge of his mouth, now that it is healed up, but he isn't making it easy. 

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