Saturday, July 19, 2014

I'M BACK......!!!


Had a good trip, got to visit with what family I have left in the area, and some of my classmates came to the viewing for Mother.  It was really good to see everyone, wish the circumstances could have been different.  Mother would have enjoyed visiting with everyone.

John got along just fine while I was gone.  Even Cisco and Boaz with their on-going skin problems looked good.  There were a couple of polo wraps missing.  He's never learned the ins and outs of putting polo wraps on legs.  Actually neither have I, but he's not willing to put them on and then have to go look for them, or see the donkey trailing a polo wrap behind them.  So he sprayed the legs with fly spray, which works..........well except for Penny.  Penny does not like fly spray and isn't shy about letting you know she doesn't.  He said he chased her around her feeding pen, spraying as he went.  I asked him why he didn't put her in the redneck squeeze?  I got a blank stare........LOL  Said he never thought of it.  Certainly would be a lot easier than trying to hit a moving target, especially one that knows how to use those rear feet in a threatening manner.  

What gets me is if Penny doesn't want you to do something, she will not give up.  But you can put her in the squeeze, and she will stand like a statue.  Actually you don't have to put her in the squeeze, she will go in on her own.  

John groomed on Gigi yesterday morning.  Some of them have slicked out, some haven't and Gigi is one of the non slick ones.  She will let us touch her, well, most of the time in her pen.  Most of the time she will go stand in her "safe" corner which is where the squeeze is.  Not yesterday morning, he had a brush in his hand and she would go stand in her corner, until he tried to come closer.  He opened up the squeeze, she went in and he groomed her.  I guess having the panel between her and him is OK, standing beside the panel isn't.......!!!!  I'm always amazed at how going in the squeeze settles them down, all of them..........even Tula.....!!!


ellie k said...

We had a friend with a small pony and she hauled him in her mini van, she took him to all kinds of children's events. The kids in town knew him by name and thought of him as a friend.

Tish said...

How cool is that, the kids probably still remember him even when they grow up.