Sunday, February 02, 2014

THE GIRLS ARE OUT........!!!!

We let Gigi and Rosie out this afternoon.  It's went pretty well so far, although I did go out with animal crackers to see if they'd either come up to me or let me come up to them............!!! NOT going to happen.  Everyone pretty much ignored them, although Cheyenne one of the minis did run at Rosie a couple of times.  John told Cheyenne to leave her alone, as fat as she is, she could have a heart attack if she starts running around.  

Gigi will probably need some bute tonight.  The pen they were in was flat, level and soft, so our ground is a lot different.  

I hope getting them in their pen tonight isn't a problem.  After the experiment with animal crackers and how it went, it might get interesting.  

Gigi is on the extreme right headed towards the other donkeys.  Rosie is between Boaz and a behind Penny on the left.  Everyone seems to be getting along just fine. 
John is busy this afternoon covering the shelters with chicken wire to hopefully cut down on Rosie's shredding of the boards.  She's keeping us in kindling that's for sure.  

Heard from Terry on how Jack and Molly are fitting in.  She said everyone seems just fine with them being there............except of course for crotchety old mule, Zeke.  Terry said Zeke is still sore from his evening of trying to intimidate Jack or he has decided it isn't worth his time.  Either way he is ignoring the "midgets" as her neighbor calls them.  

She said Jack came out with both barrels and everyone learned real quick that he had 2 rear feet he was more than willing to use.  I guess he got into a posturing and threatening contest with Leo the big horse until they finally settled down and started running and playing.  The donkeys even got involved in running around for awhile.  This morning she said Leo and Jack were napping in the sun together with Molly on guard.  So I would say they are fitting in nicely, well except for poor old Zeke.  Terry said they are making sure he gets extras during this transition, not sure that will make him any happier......!!!

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