Friday, January 31, 2014


Terry says they have settled in nicely, know when carrots are coming out of the house and know where the gate is, so they can be ready, when the carrots are offered.  I guess Zeke the cranky old mule spent last evening trying to intimidate them.  I hate to tell him, but both of them are pretty much intimidate proof.  Terry said he either wore himself out being "mean" or has given up and accepted that change is inevitable, because this morning he's not quite as in their face.  She hasn't put everyone in together yet, so it will be interesting to see how that goes. 

In the name of organizing, we moved BlackJack into their pen.  His pen doesn't have a shelter and we are working towards separating Gigi and Rosie into different pens  to eat.  Rosie is too big an eater for Gigi to compete and since Rosie needs to lose a lot of weight, she needs to have less access to more food than she needs.  They are really doing good with being weaned from alfalfa.  John is on the last bale and it looks like we won't have to buy anymore to continue the weaning.  Gigi is still improving and tonight she didn't get any bute.  We'll see how she is in the morning.  If she's OK, we'll probably try letting them out of the pens Sunday, we should be here all day.  Can't wait to try to get Rosie back in the pen.  I have a feeling it's going to be "interesting".  Hope it doesn't turn into a marathon.......!!!! 

Had 2 different couples show up today for tours, one right after the other one.  John wasn't here and since I wasn't expecting anyone, some of the donkeys were in pens, some were already out.  The donkeys have gotten real good at mingling with people outside their pens.  We don't give the people pellets to feed them, like we do when the donkeys are penned.  But they still like to come up to the people and get petted.  Some of them seems to really think there should be a treat involved, but they don't get pushy, they just makes sure they are available, just in case...........!!!

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