Sunday, January 12, 2014

NAME CHANGE.......!!!

You probably knew this was going to happen.  John never could remember Kia's name, he was sorta OK with Sephia.  But long term it didn't work, soooooooo they are now Rosie and GiGi.  John had suggested Rosie at first.  But it seems like a lot of these "pinks" ie strawberry roans are named Rosie, so I wasn't thrilled with such a common name.  But with Rosie as her name we can call her Reactive Rosie....!!!  She will come right up to you and get in your face.  But if you walk towards her she takes off like a race horse.  Never had one do this before, we've had them that didn't want you in their space, but not one that almost goes thru the corral panels and then will go up to you nose to nose.

Gigi is the one with the feet.  Tyler just came by to take the 1st of weekly pictures for a special study he's doing.  He said he needs to have 3 different difficult cases to follow from beginning to end.  He is amazed at she is doing as well as she is.  She's walking on the foot that was so twisted and now has an elongated shoe on it, so she can't turn it under like she's done probably her whole life.  

He said the muscles and tendons are all involved and hopefully with time will get a little longer.  She spends most of her time laying down which is to be expected.  But she does get up and move around a little bit.  She may have to wear a elongated shoe the rest of her life, just depends on how much those tendons and muscles can stretch. 

Cisco is doing good after his bout of choke last Thursday.  He's still on antibiotics in case there was some damage done to his esophagus with the plug of hay and the poking and prodding with a tube to break it up.  He seems to be OK, but is still on mush only, no hay.  

Last night was the 1st race night of 6 over the next 2 weeks.  We took both cars, so John can play too.  I don't know how many cars there were in the pits, but it was full, we had to pit in the parking lot.....!!!  LOL  Along with a lot of other cars.  

John is out in the driveway right now trying to get the my car operational for tonight.  In the heat race one of the other cars ran off the track and rather than blend with the on coming traffic, he kept his foot in it and flew across the track heading for the infield.  My car stopped him from getting to the infield and pretty much straightened him out on the track......!!!   LOL  I kept going but my car would no longer turn to the right at all, unless you had a gorilla to turn the wheel.  Good thing we run left on the track, I guess.  

I finished 2nd in that race and John finished 3rd.  John didn't believe me when I said it wouldn't turn right, until he drove it.  He said to just go out take the green flag, so I'd get paid for starting the main.  Well, it wasn't too bad going left, so I managed to hang on and place 2nd with John in 3rd again.  They shortened our races from 20 laps to 12, which I am really grateful for, it was still a bear to wrestle.  

One of the tech inspectors came over to me later and asked where I finished, I told him 2nd.  He said well you've just been put into 1st place because the 1st place car didn't go to tech.  Not the way I want to win, but I'll take it.  Unfortunately the guy had already had the trophy presentation in front of the grandstands and as of now still has it.  They said they'd get it back from him today, so we'll see.  It's been a long dry spell, I won my last trophy in 1980, so I'm overdue.  

Most of the officials last night were with the big fancy expensive cars.  When I went to get paid, we all were discussing how petty it was to hang onto the trophy when you've been disqualified, etc.  Then the guy looked at me and said, "is it true you are 72?"   I told him no, I was only 70...!!! LOL

John thinks the problem, hopefully the only problem, is the power steering pulley which is rather badly bent, we don't even know what happened to the belt, it's gone.  So he is out there, trying to beat this thing into some semblance of perfectly round.  If he can do anything with it, we'll pick up a belt on the way to the track, so John will have something to do when we get there.  If not, he wants me to drive the Toyota and I want him to drive it.  He gets a lot more out of it than I do, I have to rely on power, which it doesn't have.  He has a little more finesse on the track, so I don't know who will end up driving it the Kia doesn't make it.


Unknown said...

Glad that Gigi is getting a feel for her new feeties, and that Cisco is doing better to.

Good luck in the races tonight!

Tish said...
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Tish said...

It's probably going to be a long haul for her feet, but I feel we are on the right path.

Cisco is enjoying his mush and seems to be just fine. Guess we'll find out when we reintroduce his chopped hay.

Did pretty good, won my heat race and finished 2nd in the main event.

Tish said...
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