Saturday, January 18, 2014


This morning when I went out with her bute/molasses in a syringe, John was busy elsewhere so I decided to give it to her myself.  I did that once before with no problem.  Well, times have changed and she is feeling well enough to not only keep her butt turned to me, no matter how or where I moved, but threw a healthy kick my way as a warning.  Hmmmm..........this is the type of behavior we have come to expect from Rosie, but up to now Gigi had been pretty mellow.  Just couldn't work with her at all, I finally just stood and told her if she wanted that "yummy" stuff, she'd have to come get it.  It was a long process, but she got her bute.  

Courtney and Martha are coming out next week for trims and Martha will give Gigi a massage at least that is the plan.  With this personality change it might get interesting.  Our corral panels are still loaned out till at least the end of the month, so Doug had offered some he isn't using.  Guess we'll take him up on the offer, if nothing else we'll need to build a "redneck" squeeze to corral these girls in.  

Rosie is doing pretty good on changing over to Bermuda hay.  Yesterday morning when John went out to round them up, he heard a lot of noise coming from the hay barn area.  When he investigated he found BlackJack and Boaz had tore down the gate.  That isn't as bad as it sounds, the bottom rail had rusted out and is one of those "round to it" projects, that John hadn't gotten around to yet.  That is part of the gate frame that keeps it square, and they figured out if they pushed on it, it would bend. 

A bunch of donkeys were still outside because they couldn't figure out how to get around BJ and Boaz to get to the primary objective which was.............. the alfalfa for the girls.....!!!  So John had to run the boys out, and temporarily fix it so they couldn't get in there again.  So far so good, hopefully John can get it fixed as soon as our "RACING WEEK FROM HELL" is over. 

This racing 6 nights in 10 days isn't that easy.  Last night was a little rough.  We had 12 cars which is more than any other night.  John and the Toyota got used as a target by one of the cars and got pushed head on into another car.  I had ran my heat race and was in the pits.  Here he came with one of the front fenders sticking straight out from the car.  I thought it was funny, him..........not so much......!!! LOL  John ripped the fender off, and ran the main without it.  He's not even going to try to fix it, in fact we left it at the track.  We brought the Kia home, so he could check it over and reattach the back bumper, poor little Toyota isn't even worth checking over I guess...........!!!!  I finished 4th, after following and bumping one of the other cars.  Her car and my car are pretty evenly matched, so whichever one is in front of the other usually stays there.  This morning John said the whole front bumper was covered with pink paint.  I spent the whole race playing with her rear bumper, so I wasn't surprised.......!!!  Guess I need to quit playing and get serious, I never did get around her......SIGH! 

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