Thursday, January 16, 2014


She will never  be perfect and she will always have to have regular trimming, but it looks like she might have a chance at a life without as much pain as she had.  She really looks forward to her little bute infused molasses treat twice a day.  She's figured out how to get it without trying to swallow the syringe.  That was really scary, she had her teeth clamped on the syringe and wasn't going to let go.  

We are separating them during the day, and it seems to be working out good.  Rosie only has bermuda to eat and she's actually eating some of it.  At night when they are together they get a mixture of alfalfa and bermuda.  I don't think there is a chance of Rosie not eating, she seems to know how to eat just fine.  I don't know exactly how long we will have to feed her alfalfa, to alleviate an occurrence of  hyperlipidemia.  I think as long as she continues to eat, she will be OK.  

We had a couple of women come out today to look at the mini mules.  One was originally looking for donkeys, her husband had donkeys when he was a kid and loves them.  So I don't know what she might end up with.  Molly really worked the woman, stayed right in her hip pocket.  If she doesn't take the mules, an excellent foster home turned up earlier this week, so either way it looks like they will be leaving.  We'll miss them, whoever ends up with them will have a lot of fun, I'm sure. 

Racing last night went very well from my point of view, I only finished 4th in the heat race, but I WON the main event.............. Yippee..........finally.....!!!  It was nice to be given 1st place last Saturday, but it's much better to actually win it.   John and the poor little Toyota finished last, that car is just too tired to be competitive.  He says he's having fun, so I guess that's what it's all about. 

We're coming down to the wire on this special event, if the cars stay together, we will race Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday late afternoon.  Three events in a row without a break.  There's no way we'd not be there, but we'll both be glad when it's over......!!  

The donkeys stayed in all day yesterday and Lysa doesn't pick up poo on Thursday, so John has been busy today and still isn't finished.  I hope he gets done before tomorrow.........!! LOL


Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

Tish - you're just going to figure out how to keep that car in drivable condition for three days!
2 Firsts - wowser!!
So glad Gigi is liking her new feet - these guys and gals are amazing.

Tish said...

The front end is like tissue paper, and any hit pushes "stuff" really close to the radiator. I don't worry about the cars as much as I worry about John and I. By Sunday we'll be like zombies....!!! LOL