Saturday, January 04, 2014


Well unfortunately they were going to get shot and buried with a backhoe.  I guess there are worse things, but a couple of different people got involved, called us, and even though we're over our "self imposed" limit, this is what we do.

Right now our extra panels are loaned out, so we absolutely do not have another pen, which is a problem.  We're going to "try" feeding Ruthie and Boaz outside the pens and put the new girls in their pen.  We also have a friend that has some panels we can borrow, so we'll see how it goes.  

One of the girls is around 11 and the other one is older.  The older one has fat pones and a bubble butt from being fed alfalfa and too much of it.  The younger one has got some really nasty feet that will take some of Tyler's expertise probably.  

They are both wild as March hares, this video is as close as I could get and you can see they weren't thrilled at all......!!! 

They belonged to the man's father who died last year, and he's been taking care of them, unfortunately feeding them alfalfa and too much of it.  

So wish us luck for tomorrow, Doug our go to guy is going with us, and the neighbor who was going to be executioner and owns the backhoe will be there too.  He is very relieved we're going to take them, because he didn't want to do it.  I don't think the caretaker wanted it either, but he didn't know what else to do with them.  Hopefully between us all we can get them in the trailer.  They are going to get them in a smaller area by a gate tonight, so we won't have to chase them all over the place. 


Cindy D. said...

It is a wonderful thing that you and John do. God Bless you both!

Tish said...

Well as I always say, "it's keeps us off the streets and out of the bars".....!!!! LOL

susan said...

Poor donk - I know he will feel way better once you get someone to help with those terrible hooves. Thanks for taking them in.

Tish said...

Tyler's already seen them, we stopped by his house on the way home. Her feet are pretty bad, we'll have to see what the x-rays look like as soon as I can get an appointment.