Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 IS JUST ABOUT OVER......!!!

This year has gone by so quickly, but I guess it's time to get ready for a new one.  This year has been a good one, no big crisis'.  I just wish we could get our numbers down, unfortunately most of the donkeys and mules we have left aren't really adoptable for the most part.  The brothers Ruger and Wister are adoptable and actually are starting to hang out together, which is what I was hoping for.  

Their mother Ruthie would be adoptable, but we don't have anyone to go out with her.  It would be nice if Boaz could go with her.  But I'm afraid his knee would be a deal breaker for someone wanting to adopt.  

This is what his leg looked like this morning when I was changing bandages.  I've been using the balm and powder from Source One Naturals and it's looking less angry and seems to be drier, so I'll continue using it for awhile.  I sometimes think medications work and then seem to lose their effectiveness. 

Boaz and Ruthie have been together for at least 4 or 5 years and would be a good pair.  But that probably isn't going to happen for the above reason.  

Of course there is also Jack and Molly the mini mules.  They will take a special home that really wants them.  They've settled down a lot and really are a lot of fun to be around, but when it's all said and done they are MULES.  

Coquette would be very adoptable, she has been worked with and likes people.  BUT, she and Penny are totally and completely bonded, at least from Coquette's point of view.  Last night starting at about 1am, Coquette had lost Penny.  She kept calling and yelling, John finally got up, went out in the cold to make sure nothing was seriously wrong.  She was standing out in the pen area, yelling, no one else in sight.  It went on until about 4am, when we assume she finally found Penny, because they came in together for breakfast.  They like to hang with Pepper for some odd reason.  We think, Coquette was busy doing something, when Penny and Pepper went someplace else and Coquette didn't get the memo.  Penny would be a hard sell, and we won't separate them.

This morning we looked out the kitchen window and saw Buddy Brat and Cisco play fighting.  Not that unusual, except Cisco  was a roping donkey in a school that taught roping and was loaned out for the students to take home and practice on.  Needless to say his legs are shot.  He usually moves at a slow steady pace rather than grabbing neck and pushing and shoving.  I had wondered who had been slobbering on Buddy's neck, now I think I know.  He is on CosequinASU, which is an outstanding joint supplement and it seems to be working for him.  This is what makes rescue worthwhile, when they once again act like donkeys.  


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