Friday, December 20, 2013


The couple that has Ruger and Pancho came out yesterday afternoon to see if they could find a replacement for Ruger.  I don't think the man is that enthralled with donkeys, but his wife seems to really like them.  She wants to keep Pancho and decided that little Pepsi might be a good fit. 

This is Pepsi looking into the courtyard trying to figure out if it's worth getting yelled at, to go into the "forbidden" territory.  

He's been here for about 6 years, he came in with Shag a beautiful little bay mini horse.  They were both overweight and 11 days after they got here, Shag broke a rear leg above the hock and had to be euthanized.  He had been born with a club foot and a weak rear leg, which is the one that broke.  He was having too much fun running around I guess.  

I think Pepsi and Pancho will get along very well, they are both pretty laid back and not demanding.  Very unlike Ruger probably has become.  It sounds like he's pretty well done what he wanted to do for the last year.  I thought they'd been gone for 2 years, but they went out the 3rd of Dec 2012.  We've taken back others from similar circumstances and it's like starting all over again, they don't really think you should be in charge, after so long of doing their own thing.  

The problem Sunday will be, if he hasn't had a halter on, he's not going to be the least bit interested in having one on.  I have called the people and asked that they put a halter on him, so we'll see if that happens.  They don't have a little pen available, so whatever we can do to not get him riled up will be a help.  I've walked them down before but I think the area he is in is about 3 or 4 acres, I'm getting too old for this..........!!!!!   LOL

Doug is up for another adventure after going out to visit Mike and Teresa the other day, I guess he said he will go along to help.  

Woke up to a drizzley rain this morning, and it drizzled off and on all morning.  So far we've had more drizzle than rain, but in the desert we'll take what we can get.  I hope by Sunday it clears up.  

This is what Ruger looked like when he left, I'm anxious to see what he looks like now.  Wister is more of a roan, even though they are full brothers.  Ruger better not think he should be in charge, because Boaz who is his daddy will put him in his place, real quick. 

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