Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to everyone.....!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WISTER.....!!!

We're waiting for our son and Lisa to get here so we can eat "fresh ham" and pumpkin pie....!!!  Not sure what other people call a ham that isn't cured, but that's what we always called it.  

This morning we found Mother laying beside her bed.  She said she got up to use her bedside potty chair and ended up flopping around on the floor.  Couldn't get to her call button and couldn't figure out how to pull herself up.  Nothing hurt, but unfortunately everytime she has something happen like that she is less willing to do for herself.  I guess at age 90 she's entitled, but she did get up to use her chair by herself this afternoon, so she hasn't quit trying.  

We also have an ailing mule.  Rusty has been "off" the last 3 days.  I've always said if they are going to get sick, it will be either a week-end or holiday.  We now only have one local vet and she will be gone until the 6th of January, sooooooo.......!!!!  He acts like there is something going on in his mouth and he also has goopy eyes.  He is 34 and has pretty good teeth, but they are on borrowed time at his age and it certainly wouldn't be a surprised if he started losing teeth.  I put him on Tucoprim starting yesterday and if he hasn't perked up  by tomorrow we will call Dr. Shamis in Tucson and ruin his holiday.  He doesn't think much of my "throw aways", but he will treat them, and he is a very good vet.  

Of course today is Wister's first birthday.  I guess he is celebrating being a big boy.  This morning was the first morning he hasn't ran over to Ruthie when John lets him and Ruger out of their pen, to plug in for security.   He sauntered over to the Ritchie waterer for a drink instead......!!! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS.......... have a great day....!!!!


The Dancing Donkey said...

Merry Christmas. I hope you can make it through the holiday without a crisis, which is always a minor miracle all by itself.

Tish said...

We'll see how Rusty is tomorrow morning, he seemed to be a little better this morning, but still not eating.