Sunday, December 01, 2013


There isn't a whole lot to do, but it would be nice to clean up and tidy up a little bit.  Someone came up with the brilliant idea of putting the info sheets for the donkeys on a clipboard attached to their pen.  Always before we've just put the sheet up with a piece of cardboard behind it in the document protector.  You can probably imagine where this is going.......... donkey in pen.....bored between people coming by with pellets...........need something to occupy said donkey.....!!!  Hmmmm........what is this hanging on my pen, wasn't there last night......!!!  We're hoping clipboards with cut down on the amount of personal involvement to keep the info sheets up and readable.  

Some of the donkeys really get into "reading" the info sheets.  Big old Gus, one year kept all of us busy, we finally tried stapling the info page to the outside of his shelter.  That added to the fun of reaching around and ripping it off.  I didn't realize how long his neck was until I kept moving it down the outside of the shelter and he kept being able to reach it.  I think we finally stapled it to the tree outside his pen, otherwise it was going to be so far down the shelter, people wouldn't know if it was for him or another donkey.  We didn't mind them eating the sheets, but tried to keep as much of the plastic page protector as possible, from going down their gullet.  Of course once it's torn down, and has been shaken as much as possible, it is also fun to paw and stomp it. 

We don't have enough clipboards for all the pens, so we'll make sure all the boys have a clipboard, since they seem to be the ones that get "bored".  

This afternoon John is going racing with our friend Larry.  Larry has a Factory Stock and they are racing in a big end of the season show.  Afternoon races are really hard for us to make, we'd be late feeding.  John said he will come home right after Larry's main event, but I'm staying home to start chores on time, whether he makes it or not.  If history is any judge, I'll probably be done with chores before he gets home, even leaving early. 


Paul said...

Hang out a book… it takes them much longer to reed (donkey's)

Tish said...

It would just give them more fiber....!!! LOL