Saturday, December 14, 2013


The banquet was pretty good, nice steak dinner, and then on to the important stuff, like handing out plaques and money and everyone congratulating everyone else.  Of course some of them weren't speaking to each other at the end of the season, but I guess time heals old wounds and "there's always next year" to "get" them.  

Before we left for the banquet John let all the kids out that were thru eating, which was about half of them.  When we came home, we left the courtyard gate open on the way into the house.  I went down to fill Mother in on all the happenings and show her my plaque, and when I came back, John was standing in the great room, commenting on the fact I had left the gate open. did he know?  Perhaps because there were mini donkeys and mules roaming around in this forbidden area.  I opened the door and suggested they vacate the area, which they all did quite nicely.  Someone did leave a message concerning my narrow mindedness I guess.  

Didn't see the culprit, although when I opened the door, Jack the mini mule was standing in the neighborhood, and he's real easy to blame......!!!  LOL

BlackJack was one of those left in because he wasn't done eating in the afternoon.  John had left BJ's pen unlatched, so he could push it open.  Usually if nothing is happening and he is stuck in the pen, he will start banging on the corral panels hard enough to move them and the thought was once he figured out it was moving he would continue to bang until he could get out.  

That didn't happen, instead of banging on the corral panels he decided to dig a hole to China.  This morning when John was filling the cavern in with a rake he noticed this:

 Not the ballpoint pen, but the pot shard.  We've found them before on the property, even found a corn grinding rock called a metate when they were digging the laterals years ago. One time we found a shard as big as a hand that had been charred, probably was a cooking pot . 

Did find out the track plans to have the Hornets race for 6 race days in January.  They are having big money races for the Modifieds and Late Models two week-ends in a row.  They use us for cheap filler, so the "real" racers have time to work on their cars if needed.  

We have a slight problem, my car is laying in pieces in a friend's garage.  Had to pull the motor and transmission to get to the differential to lock it.  John and I have been discussing this ever since we found out last night.  His answer was to run the Toyota, you know the slug he drove the last race night and I lapped him......!!! LOL  

I go out every race to win, not to "have fun", which is what John said I would have.  DON'T THINK SO....!!!   

In 52 years I have learned, if I dig in for my position for awhile, and then give up, I usually get my way.  So now John is talking about trying to get the Kia back together by January 11th, and he said if he did, then he'd take the Tojo and race it.  Guess he didn't mind me lapping him while he was "having fun"......!!!!  We'll see, besides the locking and getting it back together, the front end needs some beefing up before I go back on the track.  The fan shroud is pushed back into the radiator from contact with assorted items, like cars and tractor tires and one more "contact" would probably get the radiator.  That will take some engineering and welding, which John can't do, so we'll have to beg time and effort from guys trying to get their cars ready.   We'll see how it goes.........!!

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