Wednesday, December 04, 2013


This has been around for awhile, but I think it's cute..!!!

Found out Dr. Megan has left for the Prescott area.  Her husband works for the DEA or one of those organizations and got a promotion, so off they went.  I don't think they had been in their house a year.

I really hate to lose her, she was bright, caring, and very good at what she did.  Don't know if Dr Nancy plans on getting someone else or not.  She tries to go it alone, which really makes it difficult for emergencies.  If you have a problem when you get up in the morning and call, she probably has a full day of appointments.  So at best your emergency is going to have to wait until after hours.  

I hope we'll have everything done for the Open House, this Saturday.  Now the weather is trying to make it difficult.  Tonight and tomorrow night are suppose to be really cold, and the high in Tucson for Saturday is suppose to be in the 50's, which means probably in the 40's out here.  Most of the time the weatherman isn't right, hopefully this will one of those times.  

All the donkeys are doing real good right now, even old Pepper is "up and at them", this morning he was pawing at the stall mat in front of his gate, until we could smell rubber burning.  The mat has to be there or he will dig a hole big enough to fall in.  He's eating real good now.  He's still very thin, but compared to earlier this summer, he looks pretty good.  

Boaz's knee is getting some scar tissue around the edges, so the open area is getting smaller.  Hope this continues.  At one time I had it down to about the size of a dime stretched out, in the middle.  Maybe over the winter I can get it healed over. 

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