Thursday, December 19, 2013


Yesterday we went out to see the new girl in Zeke's family.  Mike and Teresa took Victoria out of a bad situation.  She had been in a small pen with 2 other donkeys since she was born 7 years ago, and wasn't being properly fed.  Lettuce is not good food for donkeys and food value wise doesn't do much for anyone.  The owner said they could have her, so they scooped her up and took her home to Zeke and Gypsy Rose.  

She's very thin, which they are working on.   She also has a popping noise in her hind legs when she moves.  My "WAG"  (Wild Ass Guess) is, because of a lack of exercise when she was a growing baby, her bones and ligaments probably didn't grow evenly.  Hopefully with adequate food  and exercise to build up some muscle, the problem will go away.  It doesn't seem to bother her motion and she can run.  She has some mammoth in her, although she's not 54 inches tall, so is classified as a large standard.  Mammoths sometimes have growing problems anyway, but her structure isn't all that bad.  Compared to Jenny's confirmation, Victoria will look really good once she puts on some weight.  

This is Gypsy Rose with Zeke in the background.  Gypsy isn't quite as gregarious as Zeke, although she did appreciate attention.  Mike said after all these years she still won't allow anything on her back.  

This is Mike, Zeke, Doug a good friend that went with us, Teresa, hiding behind the corral panels and John, all hanging out telling stories.  We really had a nice visit, Mike and Teresa are such good people.

This is Zeke giving Teresa a smooch, he can be quite a ham when he wants to.  I think they said he will be in Tombstone this week-end, so the tourists can see what wonderful animals donkey are.  They said he loves to go to town and see all the people.  Gypsy Rose is a stay at home type of gal, at least now with Victoria there, she will have companion when Zeke is "out and about". 

Our gang are all doing really well right now, I don't care for winter, but it certainly is a good thing for donkey health.  

Looks like we will be getting Ruger back.  He and Pancho went out to a "forever" home 2 years ago with an older couple.  We got a call this week, to see if we had any suggestions on how to keep him in the fenced in area.  They have 2 strands of smooth wire and 2 strands of electric fence.  He got out awhile back and discovered the dog bowls on the back porch.  For some reason dog food is like ambrosia for donkeys, they love the stuff.  Since then he won't stay in.  My suggestion was barbed wire.  The man won't use barbed wire on his property, so we are at an impasse.  Pancho stays in, he has a very mild temperment, and hasn't discovered the dog food I guess.  I have to call them this afternoon and see what we're going to do.  Obviously they haven't bonded with Ruger or they wouldn't want to give him up,  and I don't think his education has continued.  The woman said she gets after him with a fly swatter, but hasn't used it, because she doesn't want to hurt him............!!!!!!   Oh! dear!  guess who's in charge of this operation....???   She should see me cut a swatch thru the herd with a quirt or bat when needed.  We only have 2 geldings that could go out, but I'll have to find out if they really want donkeys in the future.  We may also get Pancho back.......................SIGH! 

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