Monday, December 09, 2013


 Saturday was a beautiful day and we had a steady stream of people coming to see the donkeys for most of the day.  Mike and Teresa came up from Tombstone and presented us a nice check from Mike and Zeke's walk-a-thon in September.  They say this is the last walk, but Mike was talking about what a wonderful time he had, meeting so many people and said he'd never laughed so much.  So I'm not sure that is his last walk.  We'll see.....!!! 

Sunday was cold and windy.  We almost had more volunteers to show people around than we had guests to visit with the donkeys.  Since there weren't many people to show around, we all came in the house, ate chili and vegetable soup and had a great visit.

Unfortunately while we were inside having fun, the donkeys weren't appreciating being in their pens with nothing going on.  

We didn't realize how unhappy they were, until this morning when John went out to round them up.  Some of them were within sight and weren't the least bit interested in coming in, others weren't even around. 

We think that 2 days of being "confined" with the 2nd day being rather "slow" was too much, they decided that if that was how it was going to be, they'd just as soon not cooperate.  They got out today, so hopefully tomorrow morning they will be more cooperative. 

Reba the big red mule, figured out the game really quick.  John put Coquette and Penny's bunk close to the fence, so people could put pellets in there.  Coquette gets a little excited sometimes and fingers have been known to suffer.  Penny because of her missing teeth and her distrust of people, has a hard time picking pellets out of a hand.  She does much better with an animal cracker held by thumb and finger.  But they both did great, Coquette didn't eat any fingers and somewhere along the way Penny figured out how to take pellets out of a hand.  They also thought it was a fun game and made sure they were standing by the fence when the people came by.  

Jack, the mini mule was obnoxious as usual.  He wants all the attention, all the treats, all the "oxygen" and Molly can just stand over there someplace out of the way.  We've seen her double barrel kick him, but unfortunately she doesn't do it often enough from my point of view.  He loves to put those short little ears back and act silly.  What's funny is, if I yell at him, the ears come up and he looks like a perfect little angel............brat......!!!!

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