Friday, November 29, 2013


You can see a tiny little pile of hay in the back.  That was all we had until the day before Thanksgiving, when a big truck and squeeze, brought out a little over 11 ton on the left.  

I get real antsy if we have less than a ton of day on the property.  This is the first time we've tried just getting a single load, we're hoping it will run out in the summer, although if history is any judge it won't run out until next October.  John's got all his weighed buckets of hay waiting for feeding tonight.

Thanksgiving went real well.  Besides Rod and Lisa, Matt one of the grandsons came down from Phoenix.  We didn't know he was coming so that was a pleasant surprise.  I managed to get everything ready on time and at the same time, so from my point of view the day was a success....!!! LOL  John has his leftovers, which makes him a happy camper.  His supply of legs and wings is dwindling rapidly, so he's going to be down to only having turkey sandwiches pretty soon.  

I don't think the donkeys enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did.  They got fed late because of us eating at 3pm.  They started milling around at their usual 4:00pm.  It was almost dark before we got out there, by that time they seemed to think we'd forgotten our duties and responsibilities.  You would think they would be grateful that we were feeding them, but NO, most of them were yelling at us, I guess to let us know they weren't happy.  Some people say you shouldn't feed them on a regular time schedule, for this reason.  Believe me they can tell time very well.  Many times when we come in late from town, they will be standing in the driveway, and you can read their body language very easy..!! 

A couple of days ago Pepper came in really limping on his bad knee.  I thought about leaving him in the pens, but he stresses so much when I do, I decided at his advanced age, hopefully he knows not to overdue.  A little bute and he's back to his limp along slowly self today.  WHAT A GUY......!!!


Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

What a nice neat hay barn : )

Tish said...

Yes, John hates it when I get in his hay barn and mess it up.!!! Kinda like when he gets in my feed room and messes it up I guess...!! LOL

Paul said...

This donkey-behavior looks familiar to me. They don't need a watch to now what time it is.

Tish said...

And for a gentle patient animal, they can definitely get pushy when they think you aren't doing your job....!!! LOL