Wednesday, November 06, 2013


After all these years John still amazes me sometimes.  My cripples get Cosquin ASU as a supplement to help with their arthritis and joint problems.  Reba the big mule is pretty gimpy on her right front probably just from being 30 years old.  Cisco was a roping donkey at a roping school where they taught people how to rope.  Cisco was a "loaner", so when the students didn't have anything at home to practice on and torture, they could borrow Cisco.  Needless to say his back legs are pretty well shot.  And of course there is always "Pepper", the old Lounge Lizard with his broken hip and blown knee.  

Last week I emptied my Cosequin and put the container in the golf cart for disposal and forgot to take the spoon out.  Well actually I didn't forget it, I figured I'd use the spoon out of the new container.  I had forgotten that they only get a half dose, so went thru all my spoons, of which I have many, and could not find one of the right size.  Dang, now what?  Went out to find the spoon and John hadn't gotten to the trash yet, so I took off to "save my spoon".  The next morning when it was time to measure out meds, I can't find my spoon.  I back tracked, went every place I could think of and no spoon.  So I've been using the spoon that came with the Cosequin half full.  It's much easier to just fill up the spoon and call it done, so John has had to listen to me whine for about a week.  This morning I was particularly whiney I guess cause John got involved and started asking me questions.  I could answer them all except for what jacket I was wearing that morning, couldn't remember.  Guess it was a cold morning, because when I checked my Dickie hoodie, there was my precious spoon......!!! Yippee!  Life is good and all is right in the world today........!!!! LOL  

I don't know if the difference in thinking is male/female logic or what.  I am reactive, can't do what I want or in this case find something, I explode, which of course accomplishes nothing except waste time and effort.  But John is methodical and logical to the point of zeroing in on the problem, usually pretty quick.  Thank goodness. 

Still having to put on fly masks, although it's been really cold in the morning in the upper 20's.  You'd think that would get rid of them, but if anything I think it makes them worse, at least the ones that survive.  

I'm down to just doctoring Boaz's knee and Jack's face, certainly much easier and less time consuming than it is during the summer skin problem time.  

I've found a new toy, although it's not very durable, gallon milk jugs with rocks in them, seem to be a lot of fun.  They can be picked up by the handle and shook.  I tried leaving the cap on, but they come off too easy and might get swallowed.  So I keep adding rocks as they get shook out.  They last pretty good, unless someone paws at them.  There's one in Wister's pen that is pretty flat, but he still plays with it. 


ellie k said...

We used to have a large dog that liked to play with milk jugs, sometimes I would fill about half full with water and freeze, she loved that and here in Florida it was a nice cool treat to chew on and lick.

Tish said...

I can see your dog laying on that frozen milk jug in Florida heat. I'm sure she thought it was wonderful. My folks lived in Florida years ago, Floral City, close to Inverness.