Friday, November 01, 2013


Notice the little boy sitting with the donkey

We have 4 cats in the house, 3 males and Moogee.  Most of them are friendly and fairly resigned to not going outside.  Over the years occasionally the opportunity arises for one or more of them to "escape", which they take advantage of.  Most of them are good natured about getting caught and dragged back inside.  

Tuesday afternoon John came thru the spa room outside door and it didn't latch behind him.  I came thru a few minutes later and saw it open.  Told John we needed to do a cat check, which showed Snooky and Sunny missing.  They both were in the back yard and Sunny was pretty easy.  Snooky has always been stand offish and spooky, you aren't going to walk over and pick him up.  Nor are you going to call him to you.  Just the opposite, you try to interact with him, and he takes off, at least when he's outside.  

We would try to entice him with food or lock the other 3 up and leave a door open.  Nope, not buying that, least the first day or so.  He was having a great time hanging around with Julius his brother and Hobo his mother.  In the afternoons they would all 3 lay on the wall around the back yard.  

By this morning he was getting hungry I guess.  John saw him wallering a dead dessicated bird so we locked the other cats up, opened the back door and it didn't take long for him to walk in far enough I could get to the door and close it.  So he is back inside, but we haven't seen him.  He's up on top of the closet, John put some food up there, but so far he hasn't eaten it.  Wait till he does get down and Moogee gets ahold of him, he'll be trying to get outside again.  Ha!  She likes for her boys to behave and be very subservient. 

If he would be happier outside I have nothing against that.  But he can't be an indoor/outdoor cat it's either, or.  I don't think he knows how to feed himself, even though there is dry food on the back porch most of the time.  So we'll see how the next few days go.  

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for Pepper I guess.  Yesterday morning he was trying to figure out how to get up on Frijolita, much to her disgust.  She finally took off, with him trailing behind at his usual snail pace.  

I was gone most of the day, goofing off visiting with some friends.  Krista has recently moved to Cochise County from the Phoenix area.  She has a beautiful home and a gorgeous area for her 2 horses, so Patti and I just had to go and be nosy.  Had a great visit, pizza and cookies for lunch, what more could you ask for.......!!!!  LOL

Got home and John said you should have been here and saw Pepper up on Ruthie in position and doing his best to accomplish his task.  How the old buzzard got up there I'll never know, determination I guess....!!  I asked John how he came down, it wouldn't have surprised me if he just fell off, but John said, No, he came down stiff legged enough to keep his balance.  This morning he's frisking around checking out the girls, haven't seen him try anything yet.  

One time there was a retired vet here for a tour and we ratcheted up the tour chatter to a little heavier discussion of the different maladies the donkeys have.  John was telling him about Pepper and how "frisky" he can be.  The vet said pergolide can do that.  Hmmm, never had heard that before, but something sure keeps the old guy going. 


ellie k said...

We had a cat that was an indoor/ outdoor cat, he came in when he was hungry or wanted some attention, he liked to sleep in the garage even when it was cool. When he was in he sit on the sofa between the two of us. He loved the warm sunshine as he got older. He has passed now but he was a much loved cat.

Tish said...

With 6 cats running around, I'd get confused about who was inside and who was outside....LOL Poor Snooky all he's done since he came in is eat and sleep and ask to be petted, which is unusual for him. But last night after dark he started patrolling the exterior doors, so I guess if given the chance he'd try it again........SIGH

ellie k said...

Are you ok? I miss your blog.

Tish said...

Just busy, hopefully I'll get a chance to "chat" today.