Monday, November 25, 2013

FLY SEASON IS OVER................MAYBE..!!!


The last few days have been cold and rainy, actually rather miserable had our first fire in the stove, last night.  Haven't needed fly masks and although it's suppose to warm up a little later in the week, hopefully this cold snap killed off most of the flies.  

Pepper is going into winter in great shape for him.  He's put on some weight, has enough strength to lay down and get up without help.  He's decided rather than play the field with all the girls, he'll stay with Coquette and Penny.  They eat in the pen beside his pen, so that might have something to do with it.  They don't seem anymore enthralled with his attention than any of the others, unfortunately for him. 

We're slowly but surely trying to get ready for the Open House, the 1st week-end in December.  There isn't really a lot to do, but it all takes time.  Right now my next big event is Thanksgiving.  I got away easy for years we went out to eat.  I had to listen to John complain about no leftovers, but I can have a "tin" ear when needed....!!!  

Now that Mother is bedridden, those days are over.  I had it all planned that I'd fix a turkey with "most" of the fixin's and get it on the table "whenever" for the 3 of us.  But our son, and Lisa said they'd like to come out, so now I have a deadline......!!!!   I have noticed one of the results of getting older is a hatred of deadlines.  Besides, I'm out of practice for getting everything on the table at the same time.  I remember the days of 30-40 people no problem.  WHAT HAPPENED?  LOL  Two extra people and my fun meter is pegged.  Not sure how much of the bounty of years gone by Rod is counting on.  I've always had a basic core of absolute have to have items, and that's what we'll have.  

The weather has been so nasty, John's already upped the hay to winter weight.  Unfortunately it's time to buy hay again.  We've never been able to buy hay in the summer when it's a little cheaper, we always run out in the winter.  This time instead of buying a double semi load, we've found a broker that will bring out a single trailer and furnish a squeeze to unload it.  Maybe that will break our buying cycle, so next time we can buy in the summer. 

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