Thursday, November 14, 2013


Yesterday afternoon John said he was going out to look for masks.............again.  I have no idea how many miles he's walked that last couple of weeks looking for masks and a lot of times coming in empty handed.  

He came in all puffed up with 7 masks.  We thought there was only 6 out there, and none of the ones he brought in were the last 2 missing.  Some of these we'd forgotten about it's been so long.  Some aren't in very good shape and we'll probably just throw them away, but HEY at least he found them.......well except for the other two. Hopefully they won't need them pretty soon.  It's stayed warm enough that the flies are still pretty bad. 

Pepper almost got lucky yesterday, well as lucky as a gelding can get anyway. Coquette seemed to think he was pretty cute.  Talk about make his eyes bright and his ears perk up, he was really a happy old guy.  Usually the girls just walk away when he's trying to catch up....!! LOL  He's actually putting on a little weight, which is good since we're going into winter.  Winter in SE Arizona certainly doesn't mean what it does in the rest of the country, but he was so thin this summer, I was afraid I'd have to blanket him every night, which would really put a cramp in his style. 


ellie k said...

That's funny about Pepper being so macho, maybe that is what's keeping him going, makes him young again. I love your blog and look forward to each new post, thanks.

Tish said...

We had a vet tell us the pergolide might be responsible for his macho ways. Whatever it is he sure has fun for an old crippled guy. Glad you like the blog.

ellie k said...

He might turn into a dirty old man, what a wonderful way for him to feel alive. :)

Tish said...

What do you mean "turn into"...? LOL
He's already been for years, just can't move fast enough to have fun. That's how he got his hip broke, getting in the middle of a gelding rush for the prize.

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