Sunday, November 17, 2013



Actually last night was a lot of fun, especially since John did indeed get to drive the Tojo in the last main event.  This is a picture from earlier in the season, but it pretty much represents what last night was like.  Actually I never got turned facing into traffic like above, but I spent a lot of time trying to keep from getting knocked around.  Got stuffed into a couple of those tractor tires, which was rather irritating.  Surprisingly, the track actually sent the guy, to the back of the pack for being "rude".  I managed to keep going, I was in 2nd place when he hit me, and came out of the melee in about 5th or 6th, so I really appreciated the track seeing it my way..!! LOL  

A funny little side note, I had lapped John earlier and he was a few cars behind me.  I slide one of the tires across the track, and guess who ran into it.....!!!  He kept going, but you should see the front of the Toyota..!!! 

For an underpowered Tojo John did really good, finished 6th.  He got to trade paint and a few pieces of metal with the guy that put me in the tires, and a few others,  didn't have anything to do with me, there are no friends or relatives on a race track.  The guy deserved it, he's just been to the track a few times and won a couple of times, so I guess he thinks we should all get out of his way.  

I ran 2nd for quite awhile, but both me and the 1st place car got out gunned on the last lap, so I finished 3rd, which is my best finish this year in a main event.  

The girl that took my 5th place position for end of the year, broke in the 1st main event, so I got my 5th place back.  John and I talked about loaning her the Tojo for the 2nd main event, but she's got a nice little car and the Tojo is.........well to be kind a piece of junk.  It sounds like everything is going to fall off  and it's so underpowered we were afraid she'd get out there and either be in the way or get hurt.  Besides John wouldn't have gotten to drive.  LOL

The donkeys were yelling when we got home.  We weren't any later than usual, but they seemed to think we were. 

Wish today was a day of rest, but Courtney is suppose to be here sometime later to do some trimming.  If things go as usual, she'll get here at feeding time...!!! LOL

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