Sunday, November 10, 2013



Not just for us humans but for a lot of the donkeys.  He has developed a taste for fly masks, doesn't seem to care who's as long as he can get hold of it and pull it off......!!!  Over the last few days we've lost count of the masks out there.  John found 3 this morning and there is at least 3 more out there......somewhere.  Wister does know enough to leave Boaz alone I guess, at least so far.  Justin and Pepsi the minis seem to be his favorites, probably because they are smaller than he is and easier to de-mask.......!!!

Yesterday morning when John was out looking for fly masks, I saw him hot footing it back to the house.  I went out to see what the hurry was and he said we had a problem.  It seems Friday afternoon or evening the UPS truck came by and left a package.  Nothing wrong with that, except the driver, rather than putting the 43 pound box of supplements from in the chest, put by the gate, specifically for that purpose, decided in his infinite wisdom to put the 43 pound box, BESIDE the chest.  

The reason for the chest is years ago, a friend use to send us about 40 pounds of home grown potatoes from Pennsylvania annually.  One year we didn't find the potatoes sitting by the gate before the donkeys did.  I can't say they liked potatoes, but they certainly spent a lot of time looking for something better in the box.  The box was torn up, eaten and there were potatoes strung everywhere. 

So we got this brilliant idea to put a chest out there big enough to hold just about anything.  We even put a label on it UPS/FEDEX, not very complicated and rather self explanatory.  At least we thought so.  

Thank goodness supplements even peppermint flavored are rather concentrated and must not taste too good, although they ripped the box and the bag they didn't really get into the supplements very much.  

As soon as I got back to the house, I e-mailed UPS my thoughts on the problem.  I also told them not to send that person out here again.  

This is not my first run in with UPS drivers.  Years ago, the drivers would open the gate drive in, drop their package the try to get back out before the donkeys found the open gate.  This is why they leave packages at the gate, they aren't allowed on the property.  I realize they are on a time schedule, but if they had to help round up donkeys, it would pretty much ruin their schedule.  LOL


Cindy D. said...

UPS guys are pretty slow, I doubt they could catch a donkey if they needed too.

I found a picture the other day at a yard sale that made me think of you guys. It is posted on my blog today if you want to check it out.

Here is the link

Tish said...

That is such a neat picture, although when I first looked at it, I thought of a jackrabbit...!!! LOL We had some in West Texas when I was growing up that were almost as big as that little donkey. If you find out who the guy is, be sure to share.