Saturday, November 16, 2013


Getting these 4 in one picture will probably never happen again, l to R, Moogee (drama queen), Nigel, Sunny, & Snooky

Snooky, Nigel and Sunny trying to entice John into giving them Kitty Treats


I couldn't resist putting these pictures of the cats on the blog.  For one thing they usually aren't this social, well that isn't exactly true.  When John sits in his recliner at night those 3 are usually in close proximity waiting for the kitty treats to be offered.  That's what Nigel is doing, rubbing on the "pez dispenser", to get it to start dispensing.  Moogee refuses to have anything to do with the boys except to swat them as they walk past her.  Then she screams bloody murder when they refuse to put up with her nonsense, by retaliating.  


I guess we'll look like a convoy when we head for the track tonight.  John's driving the van and the Toyota and I'll be driving the pick-up towing the Kia.  Since I'm running for end of the year points, we decided it would be a good idea to haul the Tojo to the track, in case I tear up the Kia in the 1st main event.

Since it's already going to be there, if I don't need it in the 2nd main event (one of the mains is a make-up race for a rain out in July) John is going to drive it in that main.  We got involved in racing in 1968 and this will be the first time John and I have been on the track together.........let alone in a race.  I hope we both have fun and maybe I can finish well enough to gain some points on the girl that past me for 5th place a couple of races ago.  She's only 14 points ahead of me, when is doable, especially with 2 main events to run.  She's had a good couple of race nights, so we'll just have to see how it goes. 

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ellie k said...

I hope you caught up and passed the other girl. It is fun to follow your racing. The cats look like fat happy cats. We have a calico stray that is trying to be our cat. It came through the yard dragging a nice size snake this week, I like it better now and plan to buy some cat food this week. I have been feeding it scraps, it may be someone's cat since it is nice and full figured.