Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Considering it's getting closer to winter I better get use to it.......but I don't have to like it.  At least the days are warm and sunny, so far.

Chores have gotten a lot easier, without all the hot weather, and flies to worry about.  Right now, Boaz and his proud flesh knee is about all I'm doctoring, except for Jack the mini mule's nose.  Boaz's came back from his "gig" at weed control with his knee bubbled up with nasty looking over growth.  Over the years I have tried just about everything they recommend for proud flesh up to and including surgical removal 3 times............except for xxTerra......!!!!  I hate this stuff, it's primarily used to remove sarcoids, a type of immune tumor.  I'm not really sure his knee isn't a little of both, sarcoids and proud flesh.  The vet has never really said and they look enough alike, that I sure don't know.  Don't know if the vets can tell the difference without testing either. 

So I have tried using xxTerra for a few days.  It's certainly made a mess, it basically "melts" the area, so you have all this bubbly gooey mess running down his leg.  I think I'll clean it off and see what happens.  I can always have the vet debride it again, but hate to put him thru that.  He's a good patient and the knee is never going to look normal again anyway.  My main concern is to stop the over growth of cells permanently.  So far they keep coming back.

Jacks nose looks like it's been peppered with a shotgun, little circles of hair missing.  It seems to itch because we catch him scratching it till it bleeds.  He'll leave it alone if I put Thuja zinc oxide or Banixx on it.  John came home with Banixx one day when I sent him out to find something for infection.  Recommended by the local feed store, because I already had everything else they sold I think.  

Anyway it does seem to work pretty good on Jack's nose, although I'm put off by the smell.  It smells just like Listerine.  Makes me wonder if it is just expensive Listerine.  Listerine is what Dr. Voss recommended for Gus' leg sores this summer, so who knows.  

Everyone else seems to be doing just fine.  Pepper has not been down on his right side in weeks, which is great.  He's also eating much better than he was this summer, that's not to say he's getting fat.  On a scale of 1 to 10, he is about a 2 and I'm not sure that isn't being generous.  Let's put it this way, if authorities ever saw him, I'd probably get arrested for animal abuse....!!!  But he is perky, alert, ears up and will knock you down with his favorite weapon, his head, if given the chance.  Hopefully he can put enough weight on to make it thru the winter without having to be blanketed.  If he has to wear a blanket he has to stay in the pens, which is a fate worse than death for all of them.  We tell them about equine that have to stay in little pens all their lives and they just don't seem to care, they want OUT....!!!! Pepper is one of the worst, he will dig caverns in the sand at the gate, deep enough we've all fell in them numerous times.  Last week John put a 4x6 stall mat at the gate and now the old buzzard paws at it so hard you can smell the rubber.  He can't hardly stand up, but he can use his legs to dig holes and paw rubber mats....!!! 

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