Sunday, October 06, 2013

BACK HOME AGAIN.........!!!!




You know the old saying about the "best laid plans of mice and men, etc, etc"?  I guess that's why we try not to plan anything that has to be done in a certain way by a certain time.  

The plan was to "hop" over, pick up the little family and come home.  Ruthie and Wister came right up to us, put halters on them and they basically hopped in the trailer.  Karla has been working with Wister's leading and cooperation, so I guess he wanted to show he's been paying attention.  

Unfortunately Boaz was standing off, watching all this and made a decision that, he was satisfied where he was and didn't want to go anywhere else.  They have 5 acres over hill and dale and we saw most of it before Boaz finally gave up.  He wasn't the least bit interested in interacting with John and I.  Rodney was OK, as long as Boaz's "rules of engagement" were followed.  Basically, he'd come around the trailer where Ruthie and Wister were, while staying at least 20 feet from humans.  He's always been such a good boy and usually isn't any problem.  Rodney managed to get a rope around his neck, I got a halter on him, with a lead, and away he went.  It took about an hour before he decided we weren't going to give up and he let Rodney get ahold of his halter.  We walked him to the trailer with John and Rodney having a lead on either side, so if he decided to take off, they might have a chance of stopping him.  I came behind him, just to encourage forward motion, and once we were there, he went in the trailer pretty easy.  

John and I double led him to his pen, and he sulked until time to feed.  When we fed, he wouldn't eat, more sulking, wouldn't even look at us, just stood looking off in the distance.  He's always been a people donkey and this morning he's more like his old self.  I guess he just wanted us to realize running on 5 acres with yummy weeds to eat, was just fine with him.  John let them out at bedtime last night and they came right in this morning, so I guess we're back to normal.  

John noticed when all the other donkeys and mules came in yesterday afternoon, they all went over to greet Ruthie and Wister in their pen and basically ignored Boaz.  Not sure what that means but we did notice it.  In fact Rusty the white mule stood by Wister's pen until John finally "insisted" he go in his own pen.  He hung around Wister a lot when he was little.  I've heard of mules stealing babies, I don't think he ever tried anything like that, but he did like to be around a little baby.  

This morning I started doing a little clicker training with Penny.  I figured when she heard the clicker she'd take off, but it didn't seem to be a problem.  Since she hates ropes and halters, I tried using the halter as the target.  It didn't take her long to touch the halter, I click and John give her a cookie.  I usually use grain or something really small in my hand.  She is missing teeth and has a hard time grasping small pieces of anything, so it's one click, one animal cracker I guess.  

She's pretty good on her left side both front and back.  I picked both feet up and held them up for a few seconds.  Right side she kicked out with the back one.  Nothing like when she first came, it was just a warning, but I got on her verbally and she let me pick it up a little bit.  The right front is the one that she tries to collapse on me if I try to pick it up.  We got it done after 3 or 4 collapses, and she finally stood pretty good.  

I think we're making progress with her.  She seems very quick to pick up what we want to do.  I don't think it will be very long before she "gets it" and we can move on to getting her feet trimmed.  I hope she isn't going to only be good with just John and I and think of Courtney as a threat. 

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