Sunday, October 13, 2013


I had fun, but it was not without contact, here and there.  Managed to not ruin any tires, but the car doesn't look so good.  

As you can probably tell from the pictures the track was quite muddy.  Did find out I like a muddy track, I won my heat race, without damage.  John said the others were all squirreling around in the mud, while I had what they call a clear track, once I got past the 3 cars that started in front of me. 

All this is from the main event, doesn't even show the rear bumper that is being held on by the 2 "required" chains. If it wasn't for the chains, someone would have had a bumper to avoid, if they could.  Ripped the bolts right out.  The front damage happened going into turn 1.  One of the drivers that really doesn't like a muddy track, basically stopped going into the turn and I was right behind her.  Surprised the heck out of the guy behind me, which is what happened to my rear bumper.  

I fought the whole race trying to get around the mud hater, she has a bigger motor than I do, but obviously I was handling better than she was.  I could catch her in the corners and pull up on her side, but she'd power me down the straight away.  I could have taken her out, but I hate to do that.  One of the other cars spun her for me.  Unfortunately since I was on her bumper at the time, I got collected up in the mess with a couple of other cars behind me.  Think of the filling in a sandwich, that was me......!!! Of course when they got us straightened out, she and I were in the back and she started in front of me..........again.......!!! SIGH

The caved in rear door with the blue paint happened when I stopped a car coming back from the outside of the track at speed from ending up in the infield.  Wasn't really my idea, but it sure did straighten him out in a hurry...!!  A little farther back and I would have probably cut another tire, which really would have upset John, my crew chief.  He wasn't very happy with the 2 cut tires last race day...!!!!  LOL

I finished 6th.  Unfortunately the young lady that is behind me in end of the year points finished 2nd and gained 17 points on me.  We have 4 more races, so she might just catch me, if I don't start finishing better.  

John was thinking about using a new rear door, to replace this one that can't really be pounded out anymore and has a rip in it.  I told him just to do what he could and keep the new one for next year.  He's got new body panels except for the left rear door and front fenders.  These fenders ARE the new ones we had.  LOL  Time for another trip to U-Pull-It I guess. 

When we go racing the donkeys end up spending about 12 hours more or less in their pens.  OMG you would think they have been abused, to hear them when I get out to open the driveway gate.  John tells them a lot of equine spend all their time in pens, some that aren't even as big as the ones we have.  They don't really seem to care, they just want to get out and make up for lost time. 

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