Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Actually it wasn't Daisy in the Tula parade, it was Buddy Brat.  It's hard to tell who is who looking thru a camera.

Less flies every day, those less than 40 degree nights don't seem to agree with them.....!!!  I've taken the polo wraps off everyone that had worn them for most of the summer.  I've tried just about every thing I've heard about for protecting their legs, from sun screen to strips of material hanging down from above their knees to "scare" the flies away.  Actually they work good, but get lost in the brush.  Sun screen works good as long as it stays on.  But the polo wraps seem to be the best, for staying on thru the brush and not wearing off like sunscreen or zinc oxide.  Less messy too.  

We're still doing fly masks, there are some desperate flies out there.  Renee said my new supply of fly masks should be here soon.  I went ahead and ordered some to start out with next spring, so her little machine is working overtime this week, I guess. 

John had a jeep tour last night, so I had to feed by myself, and then let everyone out at bed time.  That's usually John's job.  We don't do it together because he hands out treats like a Pez dispenser.  My theory is, getting out is treat enough.  So consequently it would be very confusing for them if we both went out.  Usually when I let them out, I move so fast opening gates that they don't have a chance to gang up on me to see why the treats aren't forthcoming.  BUT, remember I mentioned we are still putting on fly masks?  So I had to open gates, take off masks and stay ahead of the crowd.  I was doing pretty good until I got to Miss PennyPacker.  She is still very leery of change or anything new.  I had never taken her mask off after dark.  Wondered for awhile if it was even going to happen.  She didn't really "let" me take it off, but I managed to snag it anyway.  When John got home and we were discussing our evening, he said it usually takes a lot of "foreplay" before she will stand.  That's fine, but in the meantime the treat crowd was getting bigger and louder...........SIGH  And she really thought she should get a treat after all that......!!!!  Didn't happen though....!!! LOL

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