Friday, October 25, 2013


Patti and I went up to Phoenix yesterday to visit  Claire and David.  Had a great time,  lunch at Dillon's not far from where they live.  I don't think I've ever eaten before with an aquarium of 4-6 foot sharks watching me.  But they stayed where they were and we had a wonderful lunch.  

Got home late, John got to feed by himself, but he did just fine.  He doesn't like to mix up the feed bowls, but like I tell him, they don't care what they get, as long as they get something.  And if someone misses a pill or powder, it won't hurt them.

When we went to bed last night we could hear the dogs barking at yipping coyotes.  The only way we can shut them up is to shoot a gun up in the air.  Boy,  you talk about gets real quiet after that happens.  But neither of us was bothered enough to get up and do it.  Finally went to sleep, and woke up later with the dogs barking again, but couldn't hear the coyotes.  

This morning when John went out this is what he found up one of the trees.  We figure the neighbor's dog might have chased him up the tree.  Unfortunately the tree was right next to our dog's pen.  

Nicki is getting ready to go into the feed room, but if you look right above his body, you will see a blob in the tree.  Needless to say if the coon twitched an ear, Nicki was right there, snarling and lunging at the fence.  So the coon wasn't going anywhere.  We figured tonight we could lock our dogs in the feed room and the neighbor's dog in the the garage, until the coon came down out of the tree.  

When John started moving the golf cart towards the tree, the coon got very worried and actually moved down the limb a little bit.  The neighbor's dog was off someplace else, so I went to lock our dogs in and when I came out of the feed room, the coon was already gone.  John said he jumped down and headed towards the garage.  Later on the donkeys and mules were ears up, locked on the neighbor's property, so John thinks that's where it finally went.  I doubt that it will be back, although it might be the one that has been coming to the back porch and eating cat food almost every night.  That is when he doesn't have to contend with the skunk. 


Paul said...

Nice fellow... We only get visit from a fox. These creatures do not live in our regions.

Tish said...

We have a few fox in this area, but have never seen one on the property. OBTW that night there was a coon on the back porch eating cat food, don't know if it was him or not. LOL