Friday, January 10, 2014


This is what Sephia had to go thru today because the the lack of basic foot care for probably all her life.  Tyler seems to think, because both feet on her right side grow out to the side, that her problems started "in vitro", because of the way she was carried.  In these situations usually 2 or 3 weeks of casts or braces fixes the problem with little newborns.  Unfortunately that did not happen for her.  

The x-rays showed some areas of concern, but nothing dramatic, so she got a happy shot, actually she got 3 total.  It took awhile to get her feet hacked off, at one time 2 farriers were each working on a foot to speed up the process.

The decision was made to work on her in the trailer so she wouldn't have to get out and get in.  It cuts down on working area, but in the long run, I don't know if we could have got her back in the trailer afterwards.  Her feet were so different after trimming, one of them with an elongated shoe, that she couldn't hardly stand up, let alone do anything taking experience to accomplish.

We had to wait for her to get over the effects of the sedatives which took quite sometime.  When we started out, it was clear that the trip was going to be traumatic for us all.   I rode in the trailer with her, and John drove at about 20 mph with instructions to not use the brakes if at all possible.  For some reason even using them as lightly as possible made her really scramble to keep her balance.  She was covered with sweat and it was dripping on the floor, she was so stressed, poor girl.  I don't know which of us was happiest to get home.  

I know she is going to be sore, besides changing her feet, she also spent a lot of time, flipping and flopping around in the trailer.  Although it is 6 foot wide, there was usually a wall or gate in her way when she was trying to get up.  

BUT WHAT A DIFFERENCE................!!!!


Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

OMG - what an awesome change! Bet it won't take her long to get used to walking around on "real" feet!
God's got a special place for folks like you!

Tish said...

Unfortunately I think the devil is putting in his 2 cents worth too.......!!! LOL

Tyler, bless his heart is ready and willing and knows what he's doing. He's coming out Sunday to take pictures.

ellie k said...

What a big difference, when she gets used to her new feet she will be so much happier. Thank you for caring about these poor animals, you do a great job.

Witcheylady said...

Tish, what you & John do for these sweet creatures is admirable. I only wish people would educate themselves before they take on the responsibility of owning & caring for these animals. It just gets my blood boiling what these poor donkeys go through because of human ignorance & neglect. Once again I want to say thank you to you & John for doing what you do.

Tish said...

We can never make up for the damage done to these donkeys by man. Very few if any of the damage we see, is natural. Almost everything is caused by neglect, ignorance or not caring. In exchange for having a thumb and being able to reason, man at least owes the other creatures in the world,compassion.

The Dancing Donkey said...

It's amazing how much they can do in one trim. I hope she feels better soon. It is so awful what these poor creatures have to put up with.

Tish said...

She walked over to John tonight to get a carrot.......amazing...!!!