Monday, January 13, 2014


John managed to get the Kia operational for last night's races.  Amazing what he can do sometimes.  We picked up a power steering belt on the way to the track and he put it on there.  

It ran pretty good, I won the heat race and finished 2nd in the main.  Got beat by a 12 year old kid.  They asked him his age in front of the grandstands, wonder if they'll do that to me  if and when I really win a race....???  LOL  The videos are on You-Tube already and I think I need to work on my manners a little bit.  No one said anything to me, but I was a little rough sometimes, even booted John one time, when I was passing him.  One of the big cars was parked next to us in the pits, (yes we managed to grab a place to park, by leaving the van and Toyota parked there overnight Saturday night) and the guys asked John how it is to be in a race with your wife.  I'm trying to talk John into buying a better Hornet, so he can race all the time.  But he says he doesn't want to try to keep 2 cars going, and I can see his point.  So I guess when this special event is over, he'll retire again.  

Gigi is really doing good I think.  She still lays down a lot, but everyday she is up more.  We are separating them during the day, Rosie gets to stay in Quilla's pen, next door.  That way Gigi gets a chance to eat.  Rosie didn't get 200 pounds overweight by sharing food.  We have to run her in there when I give Gigi her bute twice a day.  Rosie is bound and determined to get some of whatever is being offered.  Gigi likes her "molasses" treat, she sticks her tongue out trying to get more.  I do believe she is walking a little better, probably getting her new feet figured out. 


Janet/My Miniature Donkeys said...

Your photo made me giggle out loud!

Tish said...

I'm sure if a dog could, they would. Of course that doesn't address what the cat would do for revenge....!!! LOL