Wednesday, January 08, 2014

SO FAR, SO GOOD........!!!

The girls are getting along just fine.  They are alert, curious, and although we don't feed apples, like they are use to, they seem to think carrots, animal crackers and Tums are a good substitute.  We try to make sure Sephia doesn't have to walk too far to get her treats.  They aren't real thrilled to have us walk towards them, but they have no problem walking to us.  

As you can see Sephia is in pretty good shape, not too fat.  Thank goodness extra weight on those feet would really be uncomfortable for her. 


Kia is another story.  As you can see she needs to lose a lot of weight.  John is feeding them 12 pounds of hay a day, 8 pounds of alfalfa and 4 pounds of Bermuda.  They really don't "hoover" it up, although I have noticed Kia spends a lot more time eating than Sephia does. 

They are not finishing the 12 pounds of hay, so we will start dropping them back to 10 pounds which should be enough for them.  They will have to be fed separately I'm afraid.  When they no longer have access to more hay than they can eat, I would imagine Kia will be in charge of who eats what, and she'll be eating most of it.  Got to get our corral panels back before we can do any separating. 

I think Kia is part beaver, this is her handiwork.  She isn't really eating the wood, you can see the splinters laying on the ground.  But at the rate she is going the shelter isn't going to be standing pretty soon.......!!!   LOL 

It wouldn't be so bad, but this morning Quilla was helping her from his side.  Geesh!  She doesn't need to be teaching him her bad habits.  I didn't really notice much wood in their shed, so I'm not sure where she developed this irritating behavior. 

This is Boaz's knee this morning.  I'm still using the new balm and powder and it is getting better.  Got my fingers crossed for healing.  Not sure what the white spot is, it was actually there before I started with the balm and is a little larger, doesn't seem to match the rest of the tissue around it. 


Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

Boaz' knee looks a LOT better!

Don't forget to take lots of pictures when the new girls get their pedicure. Kia has probably been eating for two all along - that's why Sephia is so svelte : )

Tish said...

I've really got my fingers crossed for Boaz's knee. It's been a mess 5 years at least, who knows how long before that.

I'm dreading hauling Sephia tomorrow, I'm just hoping Tyler can help her.

ellie k said...

Good luck with hauling and getting the little (big)girl trimmed, it hurts to look at her feet.

Tish said...

After today I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I just hope she has a good hoof capsule in that mess.