Sunday, January 26, 2014


 Tyler came by today to take a video of Gigi and how she is walking.  He is going to a farrier symposium this week and I have a feeling he is going to "present" her even though this adventure is just starting. 

I wasn't here, but John said Tyler was quite impressed with how well she is walking.  Yesterday she was trying to run and kick at the same time.  (John wanted her to go in a direction she saw no need to go)  She is getting easier to work with, she has a bedsore on her right hip that has to be doctored & bandaged almost daily.  When we first started she was doing a lot of kicking, not necessarily at us, but she wanted us to leave her alone.  Animal crackers make everything better. 

This is the brothers, Wister, and Ruger

Unfortunately the brothers aren't bonding like I wanted.  Wister is more than willing, but Ruger is pretty much a loner.  Even putting them in a pen to eat, hasn't led to a relationship.  Ruger actually spends most of his time by himself and the people that adopted him, said he went off and did his thing, rather than hanging around with Pancho.  So when I get some time, I am going to go thru my list of people looking for horse companions and see if anything looks interesting.  Ruthie seems to raise weird children.........!!! LOL  Wister still runs to her when John lets them out of the pens and tries to nurse.  And she's just about as bad, sometimes John has to put a halter on her to get her to go in the pen she shares with Boaz, because she doesn't want to leave Wister's pen area.  She is also a loner except for her babies, so I guess it's a family thing.   She has nothing to do with the other jennies. 

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