Sunday, February 09, 2014



Yesterday morning Rosie went in her pen like trooper.  Last night was a long drawn out adventure to get her into the pen.  You can't crowd her at all.  If you get too close by her standards, she spins and runs.  Nothing slow and docile about this girl. 

OK, she went in once by herself and then we managed to get her to go in, so, she should be all checked out on this going into the pen deal, right?  Not so far, when I went out this morning, she and John were doing laps around the pen area.  One saving grace is, she does stay around the pens and comes back if she does run off.  But it's "aways" to get all the way around the pens and really disheartening, when you get her to the area of the pen and she kicks up her heels on the way out of the area.....GRRRRRR........!!!

When she does decide to go in, she walks in like it was her idea.  I'd like to think 3 times in the pen, will make tonight a easy round-up, but I seriously doubt it.

I actually worked on a little clicker training with her yesterday morning before letting her out.  She did real good for about 3 or 4 minutes, and then locked up, wasn't interested at all.  John let her out this morning before I got back out.  I might try a little bit this afternoon, depends on how much fun it is to get her in the pen. 


The Dancing Donkey said...

Well, at least she is getting some exercise:)

Tish said...

Perhaps, but John and I have decided we don't need exercise....!!! LOL Tonight was not any better, she's really fun to "entertain".........!!!

Witcheylady said...

Oh my goodness! She certainly has a crest on her. Funny how that's one of the first things I geared I am towards IR. Sorry she's giving you & John such a hard time...hope she settles down soon.

Tish said...

She's not giving up easy, and doubt that she will. She seems to have a very strong will........SIGH..!!