Monday, February 10, 2014


This morning was a repeat of the last couple of days with Rosie.  The major hang-up seems to be she wants in the pen with Gigi.  But because of their eating habits, she's a pig and Gigi isn't, they can't eat together.

I'm learning new skills, I was tired of following her around the pens, so I tried climbing over the corral panels, to cut off some of the following her around and around.  Didn't fall on my kester, so I guess I might try it again.  John said he was watching with hope I didn't fall.  We both try to take good care of the other one, neither of us want to have to do chores by our self.  It's OK for a day or two, but any longer and you really burn out quick.  

This afternoon I will be taking Babe, the neighbor's dog in to be euthanized.  Yesterday morning one of his front legs was flopping, although he could use it if he put it down with the pad on the ground.  I checked him and he didn't seem to have feeling on his right side.  We watched him all day and John got up last night to check on him.  He'd try to get up and get himself into predicaments.  Sure enough last night he got his head downhill and was all twisted. 

You might ask why I'm taking him in.  For the last 2 or 3 years we have fed her two dogs.  At one time she had 16 unsocialized dogs that ran in a pack.  John had to run them off one time, they were trying to circle me in the driveway, when I went out to see why all the donkeys were running around.  We called animal control and they couldn't even catch most of them.  Over the years attrition has lowered the numbers, she ran over a couple of them herself.  

She went in the hospital for surgery and asked if we'd take care of the 2 she had left.  It took months for her to come home and in the meantime the dogs had decided we were their new home.   Babe had always been on a chain, which just drives me up the wall.  Booffer had always ran loose.  John asked her if we could bring Babe over here to feed which she agreed to.  She said Babe and Booffer fought, so we put Babe in a pen of his own, WITHOUT a chain......!!!  When the neighbor came home John asked if we could keep Babe over here and she agreed.  We also continued to feed both dogs, so I'm not exactly sure who owns who.

But there is no good outcome with him not being able to use his right side at all.  He's not interested in eating or drinking.  I hate making decisions like this, but quality of life is what we always use and there isn't much that could be done for him I'm afraid.  

I'm thinking of a good friend that just had to put her 16 year old dog down last week.  Her dog was loved and had a wonderful life with other dogs, horses, donkeys and people that always made sure he had everything he needed to be safe and secure.  Babe was never socialized, was just one of the pack that had to fight over what little food was available.  He's gentle and would have probably been a wonderful dog with a family that loved him.  As it is he will leave this world, with no one to mourn his loss except two people that never had time for him either. 


Shelley said...

Thanks for sharing Babe's story. Now we all know about him and his life and we all care that he's at the end of it.

ellie k said...

Sorry things have come to this, Babe had some good life with you, plenty to eat and no chains. You are so kind hearted and caring.

Tish said...

He went quickly and peacefully. I guess that is something to be thankful for. At least people know he was here and his story hopefully will not be lost.

Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

Sometimes when a "neighbor" dog becomes a pest, or even threatening, it can be hard to remember it's not their fault.
At least he had his own place with you, food and water, and someone who cared enough to help him move on instead of some predator stronger than him ending his life.

Tish said...

I ALWAYS know who to blame in owner/animal situations. And believe me, she makes it very easy.