Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Gigi and Rosie daring me to come any closer.....!!!!!

Last night and this morning Rosie went in her pen with hardly a hitch.  We hope this is a new way of doing things from her point of view.  Unfortunately, we put her in a "redneck" squeeze after she finished eating this morning.  She didn't think much of it, especially when we had the audacity to "touch" her.  She's not as squirrely as Tula, but almost.  She had an area on her belly where the hair was messed up and I wanted to see if it was a wound.  Doesn't seem to be, last night she was acting like it was bothering her, but it isn't anything except the hair is messed up.  Probably after being so mistreated, tonight she'll be back to her "catch me if you can", attitude.  

We might have to take Cisco up to the clinic in Gilbert.  He had a choking incident a few weeks ago and we took him to Adobe Vet Clinic in Tucson.  They got him cleared and since then we've only given him mush, no hay.  So he's started cribbing on the upright wooden posts in his pen, probably because of no hay.............or something else.  Before he choked he had been coughing when he ate, hasn't done it since.  That leads me to believe that there is something going on in his mouth, or esophagus that needs to be looked at.  Over the years we have learned that rather than start locally with what might be a little unusual, it's better in the long run to just go to Gilbert. 

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